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Fol­low­ing on from my pre­vi­ous post list­ing details of the addins and apps that I use with my media cen­ter PC here are the details of the basic set of codec tweaks I use to enable max­imum file com­pat­ib­lity with DXVA sup­port enabled…

Copy MPCVideoDec.ax to system32
in elev­ated com­mand prompt run regsvr32 MPCVideoDec.ax
run regedit
take own­er­ship and change per­mis­sions to give admin full con­trol of…

Run fix-all-codecs to cor­rect codec settings

Run (elev­ated) Graph­Stu­dio (x64 ver­sion)
Change the fol­low­ing mer­its
Enhanced Video Ren­derer to 0×00800002
MPC Video Decoder to 0×40000001
Microsoft DTV–DVD Audio Decoder to 0×00800001
Microsoft DTV–DVD Video Decoder to 0×00800001
ffd­show Audio Decoder to 0xFF800002
ffd­show Video Decoder to 0×00400000

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