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A lot of the content of this site builds on the work of others. In some cases content is news-like and is based entirely on the work of others, but is described here in our own context. In these cases we have credited the original source and provided a link to the source in the article. We would prefer not to have any of our content copied, اور اس کی بجائے اس سے منسلک ہے, but if you do feel the need to publish content that you have sourced from us please provide a relevant and appropriately placed link back to the original article. Our aim is to help the community, but the webhosting doesn’t pay for itself; consequently we are trying to strike a balance between sharing information as broadly as possible, whilst ensuring people have access to the original carefully-written content on this site.


We respectfully request that people don’t hotlink to our downloads. In most cases there are relevant articles which accompany them which would be more appropriate to link to, or alternatively there is the downloads page. We believe it is good neighbourliness to provide links to sites that have been helpful. Hotlinks will be redirected to our hotlinks page which provides the link but encourages viewers to request a proper link to an appropriate article. شکریہ.