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0Wordpress LogoShow enlarged image on hover in wordpress

As part of the recent improvements I’ve been making to various websites I wanted to make images in galleries show enlarged versions when hovered over. Doing this with basic CSS is fairly trivial, but I didn’t just want to expand the original image, I wanted the browser to grab a new (larger) image too…
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0Wordpress LogoAutomatically generate and serve avif images with wordpress

I have spent quite a lot of time optimising the performance of this site, and as part of ongoing work I monitor new technologies that could help improve the speed for visitors. I’ve been tracking the adoption of next-generation image formats for a while and with support by web browsers now fairly widespread it was time to figure out how to make use of these new formats in wordpress.
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0Wordpress LogoWordPress updates progress

I’ve had an issue for a while now where installing wordpress updates doesn’t show any messages or progress. The updates generally do install but it is tricky to know when the updates have finished. There are a few threads online with possible solutions but most of them haven’t been helpful in my case.
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0Wordpress LogoWebsite testing tools

I am constantly working on both my websites and my web server stack with the aim of it being fast, reliable and secure. New technologies and new vulnerabilities mean a constanyl moving target and sometimes things that have been previously fixed can recur. As well as maintaining articles about many fixes, and a site updates log, I use a range of website testing tools. As this list has grown it has reached a point where I felt the need to document the services I use
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0Wordpress LogoFixing wordpress visual editor

I’ve had an issue recently where the wordpress visual editor stopped working. The code editor worked fine, but the visual button just didn’t do anything at all. I knew it wasn’t a server setting because it impacted 2 of 5 wordpress sites on the server, but the others worked fine. I tried deleting and copying fresh copies of “wp-includes” and “wp-admin” in case something had got corrupted but this didn’t resolve the problem either.

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0WordPress Local Gravatar cache

I like to have avatars shown for people who comment on my blog. WordPress supports the gravatar service natively so enabling this is very easy. However it comes with a cost – accessing external files from another domain adds lots of extra load time in the form of new DNS lookups, new SSL connections to make, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have gravatars stored locally and served from your own server. Well that’s what I’ve been doing for some time now, if you’d like to know how, read on…
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0Localisation of Amazon Affiliates links

I occasionally reference products on my various websites, and usually link them to Amazon for anyone interested in buying them. A long time ago I used to link with an amazon affiliates link but never earned anything from it as my typical readership is well distributed around the world. Unfortunately Amazon don’t provide a way to redirect visitors to their local amazon site whilst retaining to affiliates payments. There are various solutions out there but all the ones I found had issues with them, so I developed my own…. Read Full Article

2Wordpress LogoFixing Rich Snippets Testing Tool for Microdata

Over 2 years ago I published an article on how to fix problems with WordPress themes which didn’t pass the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool. Since then lots has changed – WordPress and most themes have better support, HTML5 and CSS3 have arrived, and Google, Yahoo and Bing got together and decided to focus on Microdata, via At the time microformats seemed the easiest way to mark up pages, and the testing tool had the most comprehensive support for these. The move to Microdata and the changes to WordPress required a new article: this is it!

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