0Display photo info in Kodi slideshow screensaver

I have a large photo col­lec­tion with lots of metadata that I wanted the kodi slideshow screensaver to dis­play. With lots read­ing, exper­i­ment­ing, and tri­al-and-error, I’ve finally got a reas­on­able sys­tem that shows what I was hop­ing for.

The main file for the slideshow screensaver is loc­ated (on win­dows) in \Users\%Username%\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\screensaver.picture.slideshow\resources\lib and is called gui.py

If you know some python you can make all kinds of modi­fic­a­tions to this file. Below are what I made to show inform­a­tion about the author, cam­era, and where and when the pic­ture was taken. I get the loc­a­tion from the folder name as I keep all my pho­tos in a folder with an 8‑character date at the start (YY-MM-DD) fol­lowed by the place or event name.

after line 163, added the fol­low­ing null val­ues for cam­era and author

after line 173, added the fol­low­ing to get the cam­era and author from exif

changed line 183 to start the pro­cess or reformat­ting the date

replaced line 187 to cre­ate a bet­ter format­ted date

replaced line 228 to out­put the new data

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