0DVB LogicDVBLink custom transponders

Just a short post today with details of how to cre­ate a cus­tom transpon­der for DVBLink

On win­dows the transpon­der files are loc­ated in c:\Program Files (x86)\DVBLogic\DVBLink\share\transponders (adjust accord­ingly for 32bit sys­tems and non‑C sys­tem drives).  For oth­er sys­tems see the DVBLink Wiki

Details of how to make a cus­tom transpon­der are also on the DVBLink Wiki but it is simply a case of cre­at­ing a .ini file sim­il­ar to those already present. In my case I wanted to cre­ate a transpon­der file for the Shef­field Cross­pool trans­mit­ter — so I needed to cre­ate a .ini file in the 4000–4999 range.

I numbered mine 4650.ini. The con­tents are below

Note: For TVMo­sa­ic it is neces­sary to add 1 extra line (line 3 under the sat-type sec­tion) and place the file in C:\ProgramData\DVBLogic\TVMosaic\data\scanners\dvbt\transponders

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