0newsNews: TomTom for Android and Seasonic G360

A quick update on vari­ous devel­op­ments we’ve been track­ing includ­ing TomTom for Android and a new PSU from Seasonic.

1. TomTom for Android is arriv­ing at last!

Whilst google maps is excel­lent for use in the UK — data roam­ing costs make it imprac­tic­al for use abroad.  TomTom has always had one of, if not the best soft­ware solu­tion.  At long long last TomTom is com­ing to Android — some­time in October.

Thanks to pock­et-lint

2. New cheap effi­cient high qual­ity PSU

Season­ic have launched the G360 PSU which looks to be an ideal sup­ply for typ­ic­al desktop PCs, 24.7 serv­ers and HTPCs due to its good value and high effi­ciency.  There will be new PSU effi­ciency particles on the way.

Thanks to Silent­P­CRe­view

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