0Serial Key LogoReplacing an invalid Win XP key with a genuine key

If you’ve ever been asked to fix a PC and have subsequently discovered it has a non-genuine or inappropriate Windows XP key installed, and you wish to update the key with a legitimate key, for example when a second hand laptop has been installed with a corporate key and needs updating with the OEM key from the sticker still attached to it, you may have run into problems switching between OEM, Volume and Retail versions of windows.

In the past this necessitated a complete reinstall, but it is now possible to correct this problem without a reinstall. Simply download the Key Update Tool provided by Microsoft!
This is also convenient if you want to create and use 1 unattended disk to reinstall Windows in multiple environments. Simply build your disk with any type of disk for which you have a key and then update the key to the correct key for the machine / environment.

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