0Samsung SmartThings – A smart home hub

I’ve recently invested in a SmartThings Hub for my home to use for security and safety as well as for general smart home functions. Over the coming months I will be writing a series of articles with some of the technical hurdles I cross along the way.

The SmartThings hub includes support for Zigbee, Z-Wave, and WiFi products, with Bluetooth support rumoured for the near future. There are lists of compatible products on the SmartThings website, but be warned – the licensed Z-Wave frequencies are different around the world so versions of the hub are localised, and hence the compatible products vary by region. As I live in the UK I have purchased a UK version of the SmartThings hub which operates on 868.42MHz – the licensed frequency in the UK and Europe.

Sadly the SmartThings hub is currently NOT compatible with “Lightwave RF” products – which is a pity as these are widely available in the UK and are typically lower priced than Zigbee or Z-Wave alternatives (which are also far more limited in number)

I am currently using the SmartThings hub with a Fibaro motion sensor (EU version 3.2), a FortrezZ “siren strobe alarm” (UK version) and a Belkin WeMo Switch (UK version). I have also experimented with hooking up an old Foscam Fi8918W wireless camera and a Duwi Z-Wave switch both of which are still a work in progress

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