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Thanks to a guide on theHTPC.net I have been able to get sub­titles work­ing with hard­ware accel­er­ated decod­ing in Win­dows Media Cen­ter 7 x64.

For this sim­pli­fied guide to work you must already be com­fort­able with the vari­ous tweaks neces­sary to change the default codecs used in Media Cen­ter. Once you know how to tweak codecs (and change their mer­its) you can simply fol­low these steps…

1. Down­load and install ffd­show try­outs build 3305 or new­er. (install the x64 ver­sion if you use Win­dows 7 x64)
2. Run “DXVA Video decoder con­fig­ur­a­tion x64”, select the “hard­ware accel­er­a­tion” option on the left and change the post-pro­cessing pull-down to “sur­face overlay”
3. Select the “sub­titles” option on the left, tick the box next to the word sub­titles, and tick “accept embed­ded subtitles”
4. Tweak the font set­tings if you like
5. Run reged­it and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectShow\Preferred
6. Replace the data (NOT THE NAMES) in {e06d8026-db46-11cf-b4d1-00805f6cb­bea} and {31435641–0000-0010–8000-00AA00389B71} with {0B0EFF97-C750-462C-9488-B10E7D87F1A6}
7. Restart

Note: The mer­it for the DXVA decoder must be high­er than the mer­it for the non-DXVA decoder

This is work­ing fant­ast­ic­ally for me. Any ques­tions, post them below.

Thanks again to Jon on theHTPC.net

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Great stuff! My CPU usage dropped from around 85% to 35%. When using Microsoft’s built in codecs it was around 5% — but then without sub­titles. Thanks a lot!