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0Updating firmware on Conbee II stick for Home Assistant

I use a ConBee II USB stick for my zigbee mesh in Home Assistant. I wanted to update the firmware and found it is easiest to do this by shutting down HA, unplugging the stick and using a windows machine to update it, then putting it back into the HA system and booting HA back up. There are full instructions for the process in Windows on Dresden Elektronik’s website

3Cheap WiFi SmartPlugs with SmartThings

SmartThings compatible smart plugs are annoyingly expensive – typically around £40. This is far too expensive to consider buying many of. There are however WiFi plugs available online for around £10 that don’t officially work with SmartThings. Most of them are based on the ESP8266 chip which can be reflashed with new firmware that will work with SmartThings. Below I document my trials and tribulations with hacking these plugs
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2Inside HDD LogoFix for problems with Seagate Momentus XT

I’ve had problems with the new Seagate Momentus XT harddrive in my newest HTPC.  The PC was locking up every 48 hours or so (which may have been related to standby), was occasionally jerky, and upon reboot would often refuse to boot with an error about a missing boot device, which could only be fixed with a hard power cycle.  There is a firmware update for the drive to SD25 but this didn’t resolve the issue.  However, after I changed the power management settings in Windows 7 to never spin-down the harddrive, the problems all went away.  Success!

Update (14-Sept-2011).  Seagate has released firmware SD28.  There are reports that this fixes several issues and is a worthwhile update.

2Helios NeoDigits logoNeoDigits / Helios Network Media Players

I recently had cause to resurrect my old NeoDigits Helios X3000 network media player, and noticed that Helios have deceased.  Sadly this means links to their software and firmware are no longer available.  Thanks to Ravi Srivastava and Sean on myce I was able to find alternative links, although as of December 2012 these are no longer active either.  Fortunately I grabbed everything whilst I still could.

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