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0Fixing a slow Amazon Fire HD 8

A couple of xmases ago I bought my better half an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet as she wanted a budget tablet to read books on at night, and to play free android games like clash of clans. The Fire seemed an ideal option as it would link into her Kindle account without any hassle, and is also android based. It was also possible to get a good sized device within the price limit we set each other.
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0Google Photo Sync limits

Google have released a new tool to replace drive sync and photos backup.  The new app, called Backup and Sync provides the functionality of both in a single app.  It is also claimed that it will sync folders as albums for photos, something the previous backup app did not do.  A couple of limits remain however.

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0Google removes ad blocking apps: Get them here

It seems that the formerly “do no evil” google have decided to remove all ad blocking apps from the Play Store.  Fortunately it has always been possible to install apps directly from the APK files – as long as you can find them.  The 3 most popular ad blocking apps are still available to download in apk format, all you need to do is enable the installing of apps from “unknown sources” somewhere in your phones settings.

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2Wordpress LogoFixing Rich Snippets Testing Tool for Microdata

Over 2 years ago I published an article on how to fix problems with WordPress themes which didn’t pass the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool. Since then lots has changed – WordPress and most themes have better support, HTML5 and CSS3 have arrived, and Google, Yahoo and Bing got together and decided to focus on Microdata, via At the time microformats seemed the easiest way to mark up pages, and the testing tool had the most comprehensive support for these. The move to Microdata and the changes to WordPress required a new article: this is it!

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0DIY Media Home logoDIYMediaHome is now available on social media

Following the recent restyling of DIY Media Home we have been working on connecting to the leading social media sites. We can now be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Our new content will automatically be shared to these 3 leading social platforms so you can follow us through these as well as through the existing RSS Feeds or e-mail.

0Google+Google+ for Apps Accounts

Google have finally enabled Google+ for apps accounts (as of the 27th Oct)!  Now those of us with an apps account can finally get an account and +1 pages etc.  Google have also enabled “pages” on Google+ for organisations.  For the DIY Media Home Google+ Page just click on the Google+ icon at the top right of the page.  If you need to migrate a temporary non-apps account Google promise there will be a migration tool coming very soon.  Happy +ing

3Apple logoIphone 4S: Just a disappointing catch-up

So, I see that Apple have released the latest iteration of their “amazing” iphone.  Each time a new iproduct gets released I find myself yelling at TV, Radio ads, and other ignorant people who don’t seem to realise that their is nothing special about Apple products.  This time I’m going to share a few thoughts publicly instead.  I’ve just watched the official release video over on the Apple website.  So, with that as the basis, here are my thoughts on the “new” features in the iphone 4S…
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