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0Optimising WAN MTU for BT Infinity

Since switching from my BT SmartHub to a pfsense router I’ve had a few minor teething problems. One of which has been the squid proxy service causing a problem where I can’t access the BBC website with an error. Whilst I did eventually fix this through a slightly strange method, I encountered a possible source of the problem which was worth fixing on it’s own
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2Replacing the BT Infinity SmartHub with pfsense

When I moved into a new home a year ago I was finally able to join the 21st century and ordered BT Infinity which is supplied with a SmartHub. The SmartHub is actually reasonably decent kit considering it comes for free, but as with most ISP supplied devices it is locked down in some ways, for example you can’t use your own DNS servers which I prefer to do. In the early days of ADSL (circa 2001) I ran a smoothwall box in place of a router, and for a range of reasons (including internet filtering controlled by me, rather than an ISP) I decided to go back to a linux-based firewall router.
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