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Accord­ing to an art­icle on Anandtech, WD have released a new range of HDDs optim­ised for NAS boxes (and pre­sum­ably good for use with hard­ware RAID cards too).  This have been optim­ised for stream­ing, are close in per­form­ance to the black series, and also quite eco­nom­ic­al on power.

I’m hop­ing the main bene­fit will be a res­ol­u­tion to the occa­sion­al com­pat­ib­il­ity issues I’ve encountered between con­sumer HDDs and pro­fes­sion­al grade hard­ware RAID cards.  The price looks reas­on­ably in-line with oth­er cur­rent series — still a bit too high since the floods, but hope­fully this will head down along with the gen­er­al trend

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