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Como ya he mencio-nado recientemente, Yo soy la planificación de un nuevo sistema de medios de comunicación para una nueva residencia. Después de haber experimentado con éxito DVBLink, Decidí que era el momento de pasar mi TV tarjetas de mi HTPC a mi servidor y entregar el deber de grabación, transcodificación y almacenar TV al servidor.

Sin embargo, my cur­rent Sem­pron LE-1150 sys­tem is not only short of PCI-E ranuras, it is also woe­fully under­powered (and has poor qual­ity onboard eth­er­net).  It is how­ever pleas­ingly power effi­cient for a sys­tem of its age. As all the HDDs and TV cards in the serv­er will s**k enough power as it is, I don’t want a sys­tem that will s**k up any more juice than abso­lutely neces­sary. On the oth­er hand, the serv­er is multi-pur­pose — not only will it be record­ing, transcod­ing and serving media, it also runs 2 apache web­sites, ftp-serv­er, vari­ous media man­age­ment apps, and some auto­mated down­load­ing and podcasting.

I decided it made sense to replace the core sys­tem (mother­board, cpu, memory) since I need more PCI-E ranuras, and DDR3 memory is much cheap­er than DDR2, as well as a touch lower powered. The low­est powered mod­ern sys­tem out there is the AMD E350. I have an E35M1‑M Pro in my HTPC and have been impressed with it, how­ever it does­n’t really offer the grunt that I want from the serv­er, in fact it is gen­er­ally slower than the Sem­pron it would be repla­cing!  los same reas­on­ing also rules out any Atom based sys­tem. All oth­er AMD plat­forms are sig­ni­fic­antly more power hungry than mod­ern Intel sys­tems of the same per­form­ance. I already have a desktop Core 2 Duo sys­tem which would meet the require­ments, but then that would need repla­cing with a new system.

De cualquier manera, I needed a new sys­tem, and it made sense to get an up-to-date one with DDR3, and since I’m happy with my cur­rent desktop, and would like lots of memory in the serv­er, it made sense to put the new sys­tem into the serv­er. Accord­ing to an art­icle on Silent­P­CRe­view, the Core i5-2400 can be under­vol­ted which res­ults in power draw very sim­il­ar to the low powered (and lower per­form­ing) Core i5-2400S. The 2400 has per­form­ance approx­im­ately 4x that of the sem­pron and giv­en the doub­ling of memory, and swap­ping of an old 300Gb Max­tor sys­tem drive for a spare WD Rap­tor that I have, I anti­cip­ate a huge per­form­ance boost — exactly what is required.

SPCR under­vol­ted their 2400 to 1.08v, but I have seen reports of chips under­vol­ted a touch more, down to as low as 1.045v1.040en or even 1.000enAs with over­clock­ing, this will depend on the indi­vidu­al chip, but I’m optim­ist­ic I can drop the voltage and thereby drop the power usage too.

I even­tu­ally settled on the Core i5-2400, along with 8Gig of DDR3 and the Giga­byte GA-Z68A-D3-B3. I selec­ted the Giga­byte because I have had their boards before and been at least as happy with them as with oth­er makes. I opted for a Z68 board because I wanted a board with lots of PCI-E slots and also onboard graph­ics. H67 boards don’t have enough PCI-E lanes to accom­mod­ate my RAID y TV cards. A final bonus is that in future when I even­tu­ally next upgrade the serv­er, the new board will get redeployed, and being Z68 is more flex­ible for oth­er uses.

Once the new sys­tem is up and run­ning, with both dvblink and flexraid I will write-up a review and build guide.

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