0Commentaire bulleFacilement configurer le parent d'un commentaire WordPress

Comme on le doc-u en œuvre dans le journal de mise à jour du site, for a while we had a prob­lem with our theme where it was­n’t pos­sible to reply to a com­ment so that the reply would appear cor­rectly in a threaded way. We have no fixed this prob­lem, but have been left with a sig­ni­fic­ant num­ber of com­ments which really need edit­ing so it is easi­er to see what they are in reply to. With a stand­ard word­press install this requires going into the data­base and edit­ing there, which is very tedi­ous. Instead, we’ve used some simple func­tions to add an option to the com­ment-edit admin page, to set the com­ment par­ent there. Even­tu­ally this will be developed into a prop­er plu­gin to enable this func­tion­al­ity. For now the code is below, il suffit d'ajouter à la functions.php de votre thème

fonction comment_parent_meta_box()
add_meta_box( «Comment_parent ', __( 'ID parent' ), «Comment_parent_cb ', «Commentaire», «Normal», «Élevé» );
add_action( «Add_meta_boxes_comment ', 'comment_parent_meta_box' );

fonction comment_parent_cb( $commentaire )
    $parent = get_comment_meta( $comment->comment_ID, «Comment_parent ', vrai );
    wp_nonce_field( «Parent_comment_update ', «Parent_comment_update ', faux );

fonction comment_parent_edit( $comment_id )
    si( ! disparu( $_POST[«Parent_comment_update '] ) || ! wp_verify_nonce( $_POST[«Parent_comment_update '], «Parent_comment_update ' ) ) retour;
    si( disparu( $_POST[«Comment_parent '] ) )
        update_comment_meta( $comment_id, «Comment_parent ', esc_attr( $_POST[«Comment_parent '] ) );
add_action( «Edit_comment ', «Comment_parent_edit ' );

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