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You may have noticed that we’ve tweaked how we dis­play our adsense ads. We wanted some small text-only ads near the bot­tom of each art­icle, which would be added auto­mat­ic­ally. This took a little bit of tinker­ing, but even­tu­ally we developed a solu­tion which works well and does­n’t seem to knock page pro­cessing times much. Simply add the fol­low­ing code to your theme’s functions.php (non dimenticate di modificare gli ID adsense)

Updated 12-Nov-2017 as the code was­n’t work­ing cor­rectly as pre­vi­ously dis­played. Ho anche aggiunto 2 oth­er func­tions that I use, one to insert adverts via short­code, and anoth­er to add an advert where the more is removed when a post is shown in full

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gravatarSarah Jones

I don’t know but your code was not work­ing in my case. Così, I replaced it with oth­er code. If any­one else is facing the same prob­lem, quindi è possibile utilizzare il codice qui sotto.

func­tion insert_ad_block( $testo ) {

se ( è single() ) :

$ads_text = 'Il mio codice Ad Here';
$split_by = " n";
$insert_after = 2; //number of para­graphs

// make array of para­graphs
$para­graphs = explode( $split_by, $testo);

// if array ele­ments are less than $insert_after set the insert point at the end
$len = count( $para­graphs );
se ( $solo < $insert_after ) $insert_after = $ len;

// insert $ads_text into the array at the spe­cified point
array_splice( $para­graphs, $insert_after, 0, $ads_text );

// loop through array and build string for out­put
per ciascuno( $para­graphs as $para­graph ) {
$new_text .= $para­graph;

return $ nuovo_testo;


return $ testo;

add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘insert_ad_block’);

gravatarJon Scaife

Assolutamente. Si sarebbe solo bisogno di modificare il codice di un po '. Sto utilizzando strrpos che trova l'ultima occorrenza di <p>
Se si voleva trovare la seconda occorrenza <p> sostituire la riga 13 dal codice precedente con ...

gravatarJon Scaife

Sicuro. Aggiungere un paio di <hr />'S - 1 at the start of the value of $ads_text and the oth­er at the end.
E.g. sostituire