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Piuttosto che mettere un widget blogroll sul menu che occupa spazio in ogni pagina, we have instead decided to have a ded­ic­ated page with a list and descrip­tion of the sites we reg­u­larly vis­it. We recom­mend all the fol­low­ing from per­son­al exper­i­ence — there are no sponsored links here.


Run by anoth­er Jon this is the closest to a “sis­ter” site to DIYMH in our opin­ion. Des­pite some tech­nic­al wobbles in early 2012 il sito è ora completamente back up e di essere regolarmente aggiornato con eccellente HTPC articoli correlati.


Ben noti notizie di tecnologia-no-logia & review site primar­ily focused on reviews of PC hard­ware. Unlike many of the oth­ers has remained con­sist­ent and clear without sug­ges­tion of any “paid-reviews” or oth­er dodgy influ­ence. Provides more cov­er­age of home media tech­no­lo­gies than most oth­er sites.


Tech­no­logy tabloid. Openly biased and some­times bor­der­line trolling but an enter­tain­ing read with some impress­ive insight at times.

Digital Photography Review

The most com­pre­hens­ive and thor­ough reviews of digit­al cam­er­as on the web. Includes all the latest digit­al cam­era reviews and digit­al ima­ging news, vivaci dis-cus-sione per-ums, vasti campioni di gal-l-ies ecc ...

DIY Audio

The home for audi­o­philes on the web. A com­munity ded­ic­ated to help­ing every­one learn the art of audio. Pro-getti di fan-at-ics, per fan-a-ics!  Contiene migliaia di discussioni e probabilmente tutto quello che c'è da sapere sulla modifica HiFi


Tech­nic­al for­um, principalmente DVD risorsa di backup. Coper-top-ics come video cap-ture, MPEG encod-zione e TRANSCOD-ing, formato video fil-ter-zione e di riconversione.

GSM Arena

Com­pre­hens­ive and up-to-date inform­a­tion and reviews for just about every mobile tele­phone ever made. Espe­cially use­ful for com­par­ing spe­cific­a­tions of new and upcom­ing handsets.

Hack Windows 7 Media Center

An almost-sis­ter-site to DIYMHProvides lots of detailed inform­a­tion about Win­dows Media Cen­ter on Win­dows 7. Describes itself as “Using plu­gins, programmi, strumenti e hack per creano una bet-ter Win-dows 7 Media Center. "

Recensione PC Silenzioso

Site ded­ic­ated to quiet com­put­ing. The stand­ard an depth of reviews is second to none. If you’re look­ing for inform­a­tion about PSU'S, fans or HDDs this is the place to go. Describes itself as “Everything about low-noise PC com­pon­ents, silen-ziamento tecniche, DIY mods e tranquille sistemi per computer com-pleto. "

Video Guida

Con­tains a wealth of guides to con­vert­ing between video formats. Describes itself as “How to make a VCD, informa-a-zione su soft-ware play-ers, giù carichi, DivX and a for­um with tips on cre­at­ing DVD e VCD film. "

XDA Developers

Home per Android & Applicazioni del telefono finestrini, mods, roms and devel­op­ment. If you want a new ROM per il telefono o se si vuole incidere in qualche modo questo è il posto dove andare.

Tech Streaming

Informazioni sullo sviluppo Web con particolarmente buone informazioni sulle caratteristiche e gli usi dei nuovi standard HTML5 e CSS3.


Guida Com-pre-galline-ive a tutti HTML e CSS ver­sions and tags. Includes inform­a­tion on browser compatibility

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