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0إنشاء مكرر XBee ZigBee

كجزء من التوسع التدريجي لمضيفتي (قد تفعل شيئًا أثناء الإغلاق بشكل صحيح?) قررت إنشاء XBee لتحسين الوصول إلى مركز SmartThings الخاص بي. تعتبر المعلومات الجيدة للمبتدئين إجمالاً مهمة للعثور عليها ، لذا اعتقدت أنني قد قمت بإعداد ملخص أساسي للبدء به.

Useful sources of information

Why an XBee

I needed a Zig­Bee repeat­er. I have sev­er­al Xiaomi Zig­Bee devices which don’t work well with most repeat­ers due to them not quite fol­low­ing the stand­ards corectly. They do work with the Ikea Trad­fri plugs which only cost £10 (kudos to Ikea!) so if you just need a cheap repeat­er then a Trad­fri plug is a good way to do it. I have one and can con­firm it works well with Xiaomi kit. ومع ذلك, I wanted a stronger repeat­er, and I also wanted to be able to see and mon­it­or my Zig­Bee mesh — both things that the XBee can do. The final reas­on in my case was that I don’t want to click-and-col­lect from Ikea dur­ing lock­down but noth­ing was avail­able for deliv­ery soon­er than 30 أيام, where­as the parts for an XBee were avail­able next day!

The kit you need…

You need an XBee board
You need a USB adapter to power (and pro­gram) the XBee
You need a USB cable to con­nect the adapter (the adapter should come with one)
You prob­ably want a case to keep the whole lot in

I got all of the above in 2 simple pur­chases for a com­bined total of £31.35…
I got the XB24CZ7WIT-004 Zig­Bee Mod­ule itself from RSCom­pon­ents in the المملكة المتحدة for £18.36 (inc VAT and free deliv­ery). This came next day in a neat little plastic box which is per­fect for keep­ing the whole setup in.
I got the USB adapter with cable from Amazon المملكة المتحدة for £12.99

to be continued…

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