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3بي بي سي HD الشعاربي بي سي ATI HD فيكس!

وبالإضافة إلى منصبي أمس, اكتشفت, عبر بلوق نايجل ديساو ل (مغلقة من قبل AMD منذ نشر هذا المقال), أن ATI سوف يكون الافراج عن إصلاح لهذه المشكلة في محفز 10.2 (شهر فبراير 2010) إطلاق. هذا خبر رائع, شكرا لك ATI!

For those that just can’t wait, an early release version of the 10.2 drivers is available from It is listed asالإصدار 10.1 (8.70RC1) WHQL“. Having tested this personally I can confirm success with a recorded episode oflifefrom BBC HD, played back with my Radeon HD4850 with DXVA decoding enabled (~2-5% وحدة المعالجة المركزية usage with a Core2Duo E6300)

من فضلك أرسل لنا أفكارك بالتعليق أدناه! إذا كنت ترغب في الاشتراك يرجى استخدام الرابط الاشتراك في القائمة في اعلى اليمين. يمكنك أيضا مشاركة هذا مع أصدقائك باستخدام الروابط الاجتماعية أدناه. في صحتك.

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Hmmm. This issue is also still present in Denmark. DR-HD. The problem is still there in the 10.3 driver 🙁

غرفترجون سكيف

Actually, what I said is entirely correct. My post is titled “بي بي سي ATI HD فيكس”. They HAVE fixed BBC HD. I’m sorry they haven’t also fixed the issue you are having with another channel, but I’m not surprisedas I understand it all ATI have done is implement a workaround for the issue which is really a compatibility issue between the encoders used by some broadcasters, and the Microsoft codec used for decoding in Windows 7. I have seen the same corruption with Intel and nVidia video, لكن (like the now fixed BBC on ATI) the corruption is only very brief at the start of viewing. This clearly points to a deeper problem that is not specific to one GPU manufacturer. I believe it may be possible to work around this for all channels on all GPU’s by using an alternative codec, but as I understand it there are only alternatives (e.g. Cyberlink codec) ويندوز 7 إلى x86. If you run x64 (كما أفعل) then no such luck.

غرفترSébastien Pet

This issue has NOT been fixed. It may work for BBC HD (good for you), but I still get the bug for ALL French HD DVB-T channels in Media Center. The graphical corruption is now slightly different but more frequent.