英特尔宣布了一项新举措,推动类似的MacBook Air笔记本电脑。最初的需求是高达1.4千克的重量, 的20mm的厚度和电池寿命 5+ 小时。对于制造商有资格获得英特尔的营销钱超极本还必须有没有光驱, 一个 固态硬盘, and CULV processors.

我最近一直在寻找类似类型的笔记本电脑 - 我被要求寻找性能优良的东西, 5+ 小时的电池, 王下时, 与至少13.3“屏幕, USB3, 光驱, HDMI and VGA.  对接端口将是一个奖金。更快, 打火机, longer-bat­tery-life the better.

I was forced to rule out any poten­tial ultra­books due to the lack of optic­al drive, and the excess­ive cost which res­ults from the CULV CPU and 固态硬盘 require­ments. I was also in a pos­i­tion to slightly relax the weight require­ment com­pared to an ultra­book, and the thick­ness require­ment seems rather point­less — the dimen­sions that mat­ter are the width and height when it comes to space use.

I short­l­is­ted 3 mod­ern Sandy­Bridge laptops as follows…

Toshiba Satel­lite R830-143

Intel Core i5-2410M 2.3GHz, 6Gb DDR3, 640Gb 5,400rpm 硬盘, 13.3″ 1,366×768, 1.48公斤, 316.0 X 227.0 x 18.3–26.6mm (full specs).

Price at pub­lic­a­tion time: £716.99

Acer Travel­mate TimelineX 8481T-6440

Intel Core i5-2557M 1.7GHz, 4Gb DDR3, 320Gb 7,200rpm 硬盘, 14″ 1,366×768, 1.7Kg, 330 X 240 x 22mm (full specs)

Price at pub­lic­a­tion time: £824.69

Sony Vaio SB custom-config

Intel Core i5-2410M 2.3GHz, 4Gb DDR3, 320Gb 5,400rpm 硬盘, 13.3″ 1,366×768, 1.7Kg, 331 X 224.5 x 23.9mm (full specs)

Price at pub­lic­a­tion time: £759.00

In the end the Vaio got the vote. The lack of optic­al drive in the Acer ruled it out des­pite the bonus of the lar­ger screen, which left it a 2 horse race. The Toshiba is light­er, smal­ler and was avail­able for £33 less, but the Sony had the bonuses of a dock­ing port and a 2 year warranty.

I ima­gine that the next gen­er­a­tion of Core iX CPU的 (Ivy Bridge) due around the new year, will bring more laptops like this to the mar­ket. Hope­fully the Intel ultra­book mar­ket­ing pro­gram wont excess­ively lim­it the choices of thin-n-lights with an optic­al drive.


I’ve just spot­ted an excel­lent and very inform­at­ive review of the Vaio SB by Anandtech

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