I was recently asked to look at a Sony Vaio VPCSB which was detect­ing new hard­ware on every Win­dows boot. The machine was oth­er­wise work­ing well. Upon inspec­tion I dis­covered that there were sev­er­al unknown devices which seemed to be related to Bluetooth. I rein­stalled the latest drivers from the Sony web­site but this failed to clear the unknown devices. The search was on…

未知设备有硬件ID BTHENUM {6e0c8f4c-D928-4852-b6b2-f0f0e0d126fa}.  Googling quickly made clear that I was not the only per­son hav­ing this prob­lem. The actu­al hard­ware inside the Sony is lis­ted as a Fox­Conn T77H114-BCM2070. This is based on the Broad­com (BCM) 2070 chip. I down­loaded some updated Bluetooth drivers dir­ectly from Broad­com, 但我EXPEC - 泰德他们拒绝安装, stat­ing that no val­id hard­ware was found. This is because Broad­com basic­ally wont provide drivers dir­ect to end users, 所以如果你的 OEM has­n’t updated their cus­tom­ised drivers (索尼有没有) 那么你没有得到很多选择.

For­tu­nately I found a for­um thread sug­gest­ing that there were some new­er Broad­com drivers 无济于事,能够从惠普 which had­n’t been locked to HP only devices. I down­loaded these new­er drivers which installed per­fectly first time. As I’d hoped they included drivers which worked for the unknown devices. After a quick reboot the laptop booted as expec­ted and no longer star­ted try­ing to loc­ate drivers. Suc­cess!  感谢惠普.

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