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আপনার নিজের হোম থিয়েটার এবং হাই ফাই সেটআপ নকশা ও নির্মাণের জন্য চূড়ান্ত সাইট.

0ভিতরে, HDD লোগোডিস্ক গতি

Since a post about a year ago where I com­pared the speed of sev­er­al flash drives (জন্য Speed­ing up Media Browser) I’ve been keep­ing a track of the speed of vari­ous drives / devices. As I’ll soon be obtain­ing quite a few new drives it seemed a good time to organ­ise all the bench­marks and start a post with the data I’ve collected.

Rather than provide com­ment and ana­lys­is, for now I’m just provid­ing screen­shots of Crys­tal Disk Mark 3.

When I next do a com­plete PC upgrade (পরবর্তী 6 সপ্তাহ) I will be retest­ing all the drives, plus some new ones, with a nat­ive con­nec­tion. The sys­tem will be a Core i7 Sandy Bridge plat­form and I will hope­fully be using HD Tune Pro for a wider range of ran­dom tests (512খ, 4ট, 64ট, 1mb and ran­dom) as well as access time and CPU-র usage results.

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