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3অ্যাপল লোগোআইফোন 4S: শুধু হতাশ ধরতে

সুতরাং, I see that Apple have released the latest iter­a­tion of their “amaz­ing” iphone. Each time a new iproduct gets released I find myself yelling at টিভি, রেডিও বিজ্ঞাপন, and oth­er ignor­ant people who don’t seem to real­ise that their is noth­ing spe­cial about Apple products. This time I’m going to share a few thoughts pub­licly instead. I’ve just watched the offi­cial release video over on the Apple web­site. So, ভিত্তি হিসাবে যে সঙ্গে, এখানে আইফোন 4s "নতুন" বৈশিষ্ট্য আমার চিন্তা হয় ...
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