0fonera simpl2残破的废墟Fonera接待收看Freeview

对于最后 3 几天我已经收到Freeview频道的严重问题. 到现在为止,我没有任何问题, 但是,当我们喝了当地一些非常强风, 我想到了一个可能的候选人是空中被敲断对齐. 我进行了电缆的其他各种检查, 放大器等. 而找不到任何问题, 因此决定调查与天线问题. 我有一个大的高增益天线备用, 正如我在租来的住处目前是我决定尝试我在阁楼空间天线, 而不是试图获取到房子的屋顶. 我拖着我的架空起来, 并感谢组合 aerialsandtv, 谷歌地球, and megalithia地形 能够排队上最近的主要递质 - Emley穆尔. 我直接连接天线到 电视 卡在我 电视 服务器和使用我的笔记本电脑来检查一切固定. 这不是!

After some curs­ing I decided to check the sig­nal was strong enough — after all the roof could be imped­ing things. I retrieved a powered split­ter with the inten­tion of run­ning a longer cable from it down to a 电视 which has a sig­nal strength indic­at­or built-in to the digit­al tuner. The next prob­lem was a lack of sock­et — all 3 were in use! After some more curs­ing I checked what I had plugged in. The serv­er could­n’t go, and neither could the net­work switch. 但是, the 3RD item could be tem­por­ar­ily unplugged. That third item is a Fon­era Sim­pl which is con­nec­ted into my net­work. By shar­ing my net con­nec­tion with oth­ers, I can share theirs. Mainly this means I can use con­sumer BTOpen­zone hot­spots (but not the com­mer­cial ones though, don’t let BT mis­lead you!).

I unplugged the Fon­era and con­nec­ted up the powered split­ter. Hav­ing done this I turned back, and noticed that the laptop was sud­denly dis­play­ing a flaw­less stream! 问题解决了, but how? The obvi­ous test was to plug the Fon­era back in, which I did. Freeview was once more a ser­i­ous of coughs and hic­cups. 所以, the Fon­era was break­ing the 电视 recep­tion. Now this is inter­est­ing because Freeview is broad­cast in the licensed 400MHz — 700MHz range, where­as the Fon­era is sup­posed to oper­ate in the unli­censed 2.4GHz fre­quency range. I exper­i­mented with my nor­mal wire­less router but have been unable to get it to inter­fere with the 电视 sig­nal at all, as expec­ted. 所以, the Fon­era appears to have a ser­i­ous fault. I will be RMAing it over the week­end. If you’re hav­ing Freeview recep­tion issues make sure you check oth­er devices are sources of inter­fer­ence — even if those oth­er devices should­n’t be oper­at­ing any­where near the Freeview fre­quen­cies. Cord­less phones, microwaves, Bluetooth devices or vari­ous oth­er house­hold elec­tron­ics could be at fault.

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