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0GigaByte Dynamic Energy Saver LogoAudio issues with gigabyte power saver

I’ve been suf­fer­ing from audio dis­tor­tion issues when play­ing back movies on my recently rebuilt HTPC. After much test­ing I dis­covered a solu­tion — dis­abling (in my case by unin­stalling) the giga­byte dynam­ic energy saver util­ity. I am not sure if this tool only causes prob­lems because of my spe­cif­ic con­fig­ur­a­tion of codecs, but it cer­tainly did cause prob­lems across a range of hard­ware and media play­ers. Dis­abling it imme­di­ately resolved the prob­lem.

0创建Windows 7 来自数字发行DVD

I got my copy of win­dows 7 via digit­al pur­chase, and after run­ning the down­loaded EXE was left with the con­tents of a setup 光盘 in a folder. Now i want to do a clean install so I need to cre­ate a boot­able DVD. A bit of googling revealed the way to do this. 向下载荷和安装 WAIK for win­dows 7 from microsoft. 安装, and then use the com­mand line as fol­lows…

0视窗 7 空“所有程序”

我一直在使用RC1 (7100) 构建Windows的 7 并已在很大程度上非常深刻的印象, 足以让考虑购买升级我所有的当前PC的. 但是, 我最近有一个问题与“所有程序”菜单中没有明显的理由一片空白. 像往常一样,有点与谷歌挖提供了以下临时解决方法.

0视窗 7 Autologon

A very quick tip for how to enable auto­lo­gon for Win­dows 7. Press the win­dows-key and R to open the run menu (don’t use the search/run bar at the bot­tom of the start menu) and type con­trol userpasswords2 然后按回车. Untick “Users must enter a user name and pass­word to use this com­puter”

感谢 Sarah Perez

0微软Security Essentials的标志微软防病毒更新

现在微软已经更新了他们的免费反病毒版本 1.0.1500 如果你已经安装了以前的版本,这是可以从Windows Update (看 我以前的帖子). 如果你想安装 1.0.1500 不先安装旧版本,它可以从以下网址下载 微软. 如果你在一个国家是哪里的公司不可用,那么你可以从这里下载 SoftPedia

0Google Earth Logo谷歌地球: How to fix poor quality overlays

I’ve recently had some prob­lems with dis­play­ing large over­lays (gen­er­ated from NASA SRTM 数据) 在 谷歌地球. Although the over­lay data I expor­ted was very detailed google earth was dis­play­ing a blurry mess which was imprac­tic­al for my inten­ded pur­pose. Search­ing around on the ‘net did­n’t reveal any­thing use­ful so as a last resort I tried switch­ing from “Dir­ect X” to “Open GL” mode (under tools: 选项).

0序列密钥标志Replacing an invalid Win XP key with a genuine key

If you’ve ever been asked to fix a PC and have sub­sequently dis­covered it has a non-genu­ine or inap­pro­pri­ate Win­dows XP key installed, and you wish to update the key with a legit­im­ate key, for example when a second hand laptop has been installed with a cor­por­ate key and needs updat­ing with the OEM key from the stick­er still attached to it, you may have run into prob­lems switch­ing between OEM, Volume and Retail ver­sions of win­dows.

0微软Security Essentials的标志免费的反病毒软件从微软

微软已经发布了 (几个星期前) a free Beta of their new Anti-Vir­us / Secur­ity product 微软安全必备. Unfor­tu­nately as a 联合王国 res­id­ent when I vis­it the offi­cial Microsoft page I am told “This beta is avail­able only to cus­tom­ers in the United States, Israel, China and Brazil”. A quick google search quickly turns up a down­load link on SoftPedia which works. There are down­loads of x86 and x64 ver­sions of Secur­ity Essen­tials for Win­dows XP, Vista and 7