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0Creazione di Windows 7 DVD dalla distribuzione digitale

I got my copy of win­dows 7 via digit­al pur­chase, and after run­ning the down­loaded EXE was left with the con­tents of a setup CD in a folder. Now i want to do a clean install so I need to cre­ate a boot­able DVD. A bit of googling revealed the way to do this. Down-load e installare WAIK for win­dows 7 from microsoft. Installarlo, and then use the com­mand line as fol­lows…
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0All'interno HDD LogoAccelerare SSD, soprattutto nei netbook

I recently upgraded the SSD in an Asus eeePC 901, and whilst the size and per­form­ance were both bet­ter, the per­form­ance upgrade still was­n’t on par with even a 5+ year old laptop HDD. The prob­lem with most SSDs, espe­cially the cheap­er ones, is that they usu­ally have very poor write per­form­ance with small files. This can make win­dows very slug­gish and unre­spons­ive at times.
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0Logo Microsoft Office OutlookSbarazzarsi del riquadro di lettura di Outlook

Una delle cose più irritanti in MS Outlook è il riquadro di lettura. Non solo è attivata per impostazione predefinita, ma secondo Microsoft non vi è alcun modo per modificare questa impostazione predefinita. Bene, I beg to dif­fer.…

Below are spe­cif­ic instruc­tions for Out­look 2007. Oth­er ver­sions of out­look will no doubt dif­fer slightly, ma dovrebbe essere possibile trovare le stesse impostazioni
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0All'interno HDD LogoAggiornamento del SSD in un eeePC 901

Sono stato di recente chiesto di aggiornare il SSD guidare in un Asus EeePC 901. Rather than write about it in detail here I’ll just say that the oper­a­tion was pain­less and a great suc­cess, mostly thanks to the excel­lent guide provided at Bit­Tech

Ho sostituito il 4gig di default SSD (leav­ing the 16gig one intact) with a sim­il­ar speed 16gig drive which cost £43 from ebay

0Finestre 7 empty “all programs”

I’ve been using the RC1 (7100) build of Win­dows 7 and have been largely very impressed, enough so to con­sider buy­ing upgrades for all my cur­rent PC’s. tuttavia, I recently had an issue with the “All Pro­grams” menu going blank for no obvi­ous reas­on. As usu­al a bit of dig­ging with google offered the fol­low­ing tem­por­ary work­around.
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0Finestre 7 Autologon

A very quick tip for how to enable auto­lo­gon for Win­dows 7. Press the win­dows-key and R to open the run menu (don’t use the search/run bar at the bot­tom of the start menu) and type con­trol userpasswords2 e premere Invio. Untick “Users must enter a user name and pass­word to use this com­puter”

Cred­it to Sarah Perez

0Ultrabook logo portatile sony vaioGetting inside an Asus A2xxx

Recentemente ho avuto per ottenere all'interno di un portatile vecchio-ish A2500 Asus per indagare un problema con l' CD-ROM guidare (e di aggiornare la memoria e aggiungere una scheda wireless). Most laptops have a cov­er above the key­board that pops off, but on this par­tic­u­lar laptop it did­n’t seem attached in the usu­al way.
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0Microsoft Security Essentials LogoMicrosoft AntiVirus updated

Microsoft have now updated their free anti-vir­us to ver­sion 1.0.1500 which is avail­able from win­dows update if you have the pre­vi­ous ver­sion installed (vedere my pre­vi­ous post). If you want to install 1.0.1500 without installing the old ver­sion first it can be down­loaded from Microsoft. If you’re in a coun­try where its unavail­able then you can down­load it from Soft­Pe­dia

0Ultrabook logo portatile sony vaioRiparazione Computer portatili HP e altro hardware a basso costo

I was recently asked to look at the touch­pad on a HP Pavil­ion DV2000 laptop which had a faulty left but­ton. Ricambi e riparazioni per i computer portatili sono spesso difficili da trovare quindi ero contento di trovare la HP Ser­vice manu­al come un PDF, which included all the part num­bers, and then very pleased to find that HP offer an extens­ive dir­ect sales ser­vice for most parts via the HP PartSurfer. Suf­fice to say this laptop is now fixed, per un prezzo molto basso. Good move by HP — I won­der if oth­er major man­u­fac­tur­ers provide a sim­il­ar ser­vice?