0Constant Kodi Irritations

Vor ein paar Jahren wanderte ich von Windows Media Center zu Kodi (Dank Microsoft für Unterstützung und Entwicklung von MC endet). Kodi ist weit verbreitet und sehr vielseitig, aber es hat funktioniert nie ganz einwandfrei und ich weiterhin in einer Reihe von lästigen Fragen kommen. Wo ich eine Lösung gefunden habe, werde ich es unten dokumentieren

1. Kodi nicht mit madVR als Standard arbeiten. [Abhilfe]

One option is to use Kodi-dsplay­er but this does­n’t seem to work with liv­eTV which is one of the main uses for my kodi sys­tem. The only altern­at­ive is to set up the use of extern­al play­ers in kodi which gen­er­ally does work ok, but liv­etv is still played with the intern­al play­er

2. eine universelle Standardansicht Einstellung ist schwierig oder unmöglich

I can­’t find a way to set a “default view” for my emby media lib­rary with the aeon nox skin. It isn’t clear to me where this option should be — is it a skin respons­ib­il­ity? an emby respons­ib­il­ity? or a core app respons­ib­lity? But this should *always* be avail­able some­where — it seems like pretty basic stuff to me

3. Keine der Wetteranbieter arbeiten zuverlässig. [FEST]

I’ve tried sev­er­al, einige nicht funktionieren überhaupt, einige Arbeit für ein paar Tage und dann aufhören. I even­tu­ally got the MET office plu­gin to work by regis­ter­ing for my own API Schlüssel. Set­ting the loc­a­tions is a bit fiddly but once done it seems to work.

4. Foto Info über Diashows [FEST]

Dis­play­ing info about pho­tos on slideshows requires all sorts of manu­al cod­ing which is in danger of being wiped out with every update. I have writ­ten a post on how to modi­fy the slideshow screensaver, but not the actu­al slideshow.
To edit the reg­u­lar slideshow depends on the theme. I use Aeon Nox Sil­vo. Für diese bearbeiten Sie die Datei %AppData%\Kodi\addons\skin.aeon.nox.silvo\16x9\SlideShow.xml
Mine sieht wie folgt aus

5. Das Log-System ist schrecklich [FEST]

Why would I want to prat about load­ing a plu­gin to view logs. Just give the logs sens­ible names and stick them all in a log folder some­where where people can open them with whatever view­er they wish to use!
On win­dows logs can be found in %AppData%\Roaming\kodi

6. Das Emby Addon für Kodi stoppt mit Beta-Versionen arbeiten [FEST]

Wechseln Sie zu %appdata%\kodi\userdata\Database und suchen Sie nach einer Datei namens myvideos###.db Make a note of the ver­sion (cur­rently for me 112). Dann bearbeiten Sie die Datei %AppData%\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.emby\resources\lib\database.py and make sure the num­ber matches (für mich ist thi on line 29) — it should say '18': 112 # Leia

7. Anpassen von Menüs in Aeon Nox-zu-Punkt-Ordner Emby [FEST]

When cre­at­ing cus­tom menus in Aeon Nox there are a couple of routes to point to emby folders. One route pre­vents you from select­ing the final sub­folder (z.B.. going dir­ectly into the movies folder) whilst the oth­er option does nav­ig­ate the whole way but forces the type of folder to be music not videos. Cre­ate the menu this second way and then change it manu­ally (cus­tom option) and change the word “Music” for “Videos” at the start of the com­mand line.

8. Zeige Vereinigtes Königreich BBFC Bewertungen in Aeon Nox Silvo [FEST]

The icons for BBFC rat­ings are included and are sup­posed to work if you have col­oured icons turned on and have your region set­tings cor­rect. jedoch, the sys­tem is only com­pat­ible with 1 par­tic­u­lar way of stor­ing the metadata for the rat­ings, where my metadata man­agers use a slightly dif­fer­ent sys­tem. I fixed this by edit­ing %AppData%\Kodi\addons\skin.aeon.nox.silvo\16x9\variables.xml and edit­ing the lines that start with UK:

9. Code + Emby + externe Spieler [FEST]

Extern­al play­ers don’t work with emby if it is in “addon mode” as the files are played via HTTP anstatt durch SMB. Of course there is no clear doc­u­ment­a­tion that explains this, noch gibt es eine Option SMB zu zwingen, während in Add-on-Modus. Switch emby to nat­ive mode and then clear the kodi data­base and let it rebuild.

10. Verwendung externer Spieler [FEST]

The examples for win­dows users are hor­rible, beispielsweise mit Pfaden, die falschen Schrägstriche verwendet (Unix / instead of win­dows \). Below is the one I cur­rently use which works as I would expect. A couple of things to note — I have included set­tings for VLC even though I don’t use it as an extern­al play­er. Simple change the names for the rules in the bot­tom sec­tion from MPC-HC wenn Sie VLC möchten VLC verwenden. Also note my rule for file­names with the word Pho­tos — this is because videos from my digit­al cam­er­as are stored with my pho­tos, and when in slideshow I want the videos played with the intern­al play­er, not with an extern­al play­er.

11. Live- Fernseher ist ein wenig abgehackt [FEST]

The use of “full­screen win­dow” mode seems to cause jud­dery play­back for some reas­on. Ich weiß nicht, warum es standardmäßig aktiviert ist, aber schalten Sie ihn aus!

12. Spieler steuert inkonsistente Position [FEST]

In Aeon Nox Sil­vo the play­er con­trols (z.B.. Start, Stop etc.) appear at the bot­tom of the screen when in liv­eTV but the top of the screen when play­ing music. To move the liv­eTV ones to the top edit the file %AppData%\Kodi\addons\skin.aeon.nox.silvo\16x9\VideoOSD.xml und %AppData%\Kodi\addons\skin.aeon.nox.silvo\16x9\Includes_LiveTV.xml. In my case I changed sev­er­al “top” val­ues in the second file by adding 50 to them to move the large OSD win­dow slightly lower. To move the play­er con­trols to the top of the dis­play I changed the 2nd, 3rd und 4th “top” val­ues in VideoOSD.xml to 0, 1085 und 5

13. Horrible Mikro-Stottern seit Kodi 18 Beta 1 [FEST]

Code 18 beta‑1 intro­duces a smooth motion fea­ture that cur­rently can­’t be turned off. Für mich (and for oth­er users on the kodi for­ums) this has caused the intro­duc­tion of micro stut­ter on pan­ning scenes on some videos.
Ich habe dieses Problem behoben, but only because my pro­ject­or can dis­play 25Hz and because I play all non-Fernseher videos in an extern­al play­er. The issue is caused by play­ing 25fps con­tent at 50Hz with the smooth­mo­tion set­tings caus­ing some hor­rible jud­der. The same prob­lem occurs in mad­vr with 24p con­tent at 48Hz which is why I turn off smooth-motion in mad­vr. To fix it I set my dis­play to 60Hz (Beste und Kräfte sieht kodi zu Schalter), enabled the refresh-rate switch­ing set­ting in kodi, and whitel­is­ted all of the 1080p options außer 50Hz. Now when I play liv­eTV and recor­dedTV with the intern­al play­er the dis­play switches to 25Hz and the videos play without jud­der. Dies sollte vor der endgültigen Version behoben.

14. LiveTV Timeshift glitchy mit DVBLink [FEST]

In fair­ness to kodi it seems this was at least par­tially the fault of DVBLink. Earli­er ver­sions (5, 5.5) worked bet­ter with the liv­eTV buf­fer on my RAID Feld, but I found by mov­ing it back off my RAID array I was able to avoid the glitch­ing that has been occur­ring. My guess is that the buf­fer file was­n’t play­ing nicely with the RAM-based cache on the hard­ware RAID card.

15. Kodi verliert Fokus Fenster, wenn beim Start ausgeführt [FEST]

I have always had prob­lems with Kodi los­ing win­dow focus on star­tup. There are vari­ous unsat­is­fact­ory solu­tions to this that are offered e.g. load­ing Kodi instead of win­dows explorer on boot up, effect­ively as the shell. Many people sug­gest using “Launcher4Kodi” but I have found this is itself full of prob­lems. After much explor­a­tion I dis­covered that my issue was caused by the Sam­sung Magi­cian soft­ware that sup­ports my Sam­sung SSD. I had already found some issues with Magi­cian (z.B.. RAPID mode caus­ing prob­lems with remov­able drives and USB Geräte) so I unin­stalled it. Since remov­ing it I have had no prob­lems with win­dow focus in Kodi.

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