0Antec的融合遥控HTPC机箱标志从头开始创建一个新的DIY HTPC

汇集了很多这里以前的帖子是关于如何建立一个引导和建立一个功能齐全 DIY HTPC 从头开始......

1. 构建PC
  • 看到我后左右 a typ­ic­al HTPC hard­ware con­fig 425£
  • 安装Windows 7
  • 安装所有驱动程序, espe­cially GPU 司机
  • Set a pass­word, enable auto­lo­gon 并启用远程桌面 (via my sys ctrl pan­el, remote set­tings)
  • Dis­able pass­word required on wake via power con­trol pan­el.
  • Set sleep on after a short peri­od.
  • Dis­able screensaver
  • Ensure the default win­dows 7 计划启用 (这加快了启动和登录)
  • Dis­able the win­dows 7 star­tup sound (稍微加快开机, 并避免噪音,当PC醒来记录)
  • Dis­able Media Cen­ter star­tup sound and anim­a­tion via registry. Open reged­it and browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionMedia CenterSettingsMCE.PerUserSettings. set “enable­Star­tupAn­im­a­tion” and “enable­Star­tup­Sound” to a dword value of 00000000 (cred­it to Mikey‑Z on Hack7MC)
  • Down­load and install an AV app — I recom­mend 微软安全必备
  • Down­load and install your browser of choice (e.g. 火狐)
  • Down­load and install an unzip util­ity — I recom­mend 运-RARα
  • Down­load and install some basic codecs and plu­gins: Java的, Flash播放器, Shock­wave, Adobe Read­er, QT精简版, 真正的Alt键
  • Con­sider using speed­fan to con­trol fan speeds
  • Change time sync serv­er to pool.ntp.org and don’t noti­fy when clock changes — import­ant to make sure pro­grammes record at the cor­rect time.
  • Run Media Cen­ter and com­plete first setup
  • 设置您的 电视 sig­nals
  • 添加ITV高清 (如果你有收看Freesat)
  • Dis­able 7MC 屏幕保护
  • 出口 7MC

2. 安装 DIY FREESAT (如果你想收看Freesat)

3. Con­fig­ure the codecs for optim­al per­form­ance and broad file sup­port

4. Tweak and add fea­tures to 7MC

  • Use TunerSalad to increase tuner num­bers if neces­sary. Update: the latest ver­sions of tuner salad are no longer free. We recom­mend you buy the latest ver­sion for the very small price of $3.40. If you want the free old ver­sion, 请找到我们 降负荷页
  • 向下载荷和安装 媒体浏览器
  • Con­sider down­load­ing and enabling SQL­ite to improve Medi­aB­rowser per­form­ance 更新: Medi­aB­rowser now uses SQL­ite by default
  • 向下载荷和安装 虚拟CloneDrive
  • Set up Media Browser and point it to folders con­tain­ing any loc­al videos.
  • Change the set­ting in “extenders and iso” to point to Vir­tu­al CloneDrive
  • Run Media Cen­ter and open Media Browser once to com­plete first setup. Then exit Media Cen­ter
  • 向下载荷 Images­By­Name to enhance the Media Browser metadata dis­play — extract to C:ProgramDataMediaBrowserImagesByName
  • 向下载荷和安装 Tuner­Free MCE for Inter­net 电视 SUP端口
  • 向下载荷 媒体中心主 and use it to down­load metadata for all your loc­al videos
  • Down­load Stark Cov­ers from我们的下页面加载 to enhance the cov­ers down­loaded by Media Cen­ter Mas­ter — it is pos­sible to auto­mate this pro­cess, which I will post about sep­ar­ately later
  • 向下载荷 指南工具 并用它来重新排列, com­bine, and man­age your chan­nel list­ings
  • Down­load and install MyChan­nel­Lo­gos to enhance the 7MC chan­nel guide. Update: the latest ver­sions of MyChan­nel­Lo­gos are no longer free. We recom­mend you buy the latest ver­sion for the very small price of $3.40. If you want the free old ver­sion, 请找到我们 降负荷页
  • 使用 媒体中心演播室 to cus­tom­ize your themes and Media Cen­ter start menu.
  • Open Media Play­er (32位) and add your music folders to cre­ate a music lib­rary. This may take a while. Note — it is worth pre­vent­ing Media Play­er writ­ing to your tags or it may erase all the tags — do this via options: lib­rary: retrieve…
  • Con­sider using a ram­disk to speed up the media play­er data­base
  • 向下载荷和安装 远程土豆 to enable man­aging your 7MC 电视 Record­ings remotely
  • 如果你有一个Android手机安装 RemoteDroid to use your phone as a remote key­board and mouse
  • Enable wake-on-lan if you want to wake the PC remotely to sched­ule record­ings. If you need to wake it from anoth­er loc­al com­puter, via the inter­net, 看到我对一个职位 网页脚本 那就是这样做的

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