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Following on from previous posts about my HTPC I thought I’d provide a list of what I built it with for anyone else interested in building a similar machine

Component Details价格笔记
CPUIntel Pentium Dual-Core E6300 @ 2.80GHz£60仍然足够快
CPU Cooler镰刀忍者35英镑
摩宝Gigabyte GA-EG41MF-US2H£50做这份工作, 并适合uATX机箱. Might be worth replacing chipset heatsink
记忆2x 1Gig Corsair DDR2-800£30
GPURadeon HD545035英镑Passive, cheap and supports DXVA hardware accelerated video playback.
硬盘西数750Gb£45使用,因为它是多余的. Generally I recommend any 安静的驱动器
DVD-RW 16x£15Will soon be replaced with a BluRay reader
声音在船上A future upgrade will replace the onboard sound with a modded high quality soundcard
安泰克NSK2400£65小, attractive, with room for standard size components
电源供应器公司. 带盒
Freeview频道Pinnacle PCTV PCI-E 3010ix£25不太容易找到, 和Win7的驱动程序是粗略的. Recommend alternative
FREESATCompro VideoMate S350 PCI£25非常便宜, 但它只是一个调谐器, 双调谐器, or a second card is recommended
远程N / A
操作系统视窗 7 x64的£50I got this cheap as an upgrade offer as a student

Other items you may want to consider are
Bungee rope for mounting the 硬盘
案例粉丝 (e.g. the Nexus D12SL 120mm fan)
Chipset heatsink (e.g. Thermalright HR-05)
体面的 Remote control, 如果你能找到一个

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