0Android Market的谷歌播放最喜欢的Andr​​oid应用 4: 夏天 2012

时不时更新我最喜欢的Android应用程序的列表。这些是我一直要回一次又一次的应用。以前版本 秋 2011春天 2011 and夏 2010 也可提供。很多没有在过去的变化 2 岁月!  以下是2012年夏天的更新中...

eBay Lets you track your bids and noti­fies you of updates
亚马逊 Works great with 1 click ordering!
PowerAMP Nice wid­get and sup­ports gap­less FLAC
只读存储器 Manager Per­fect for man­aging altern­at­ive ROMs on your phone *requires root*
DVBLink Con­nects to DVBLink serv­er to man­age your home 电视
Daily Cheezbur­ger LOL cats and more
火狐 Bet­ter mobile browser
Google Shop­per Helps you find products online or in loc­al shops
猎物 Secur­ity app — lets you remotely track and lock your device
AndFTP FTP client
卷储物柜 Pre­vents acci­dent­al volume changes
AdFree Blocks adverts on your phone *requires root*
Tor­rent-fu Allows you to man­age your tor­rent cli­ent and search for torrents
Android的议程的Widget 被大家所有的时间

Android的议程在Android Market (Android devices only)

Excel­lent and highly cus­tom­is­able cal­en­dar widget
CamerAlert 通过PocketGPSWorld.com有限公司

CamerAlert在Android Market (Android devices only)

Plu­gin for Sat Nav apps which provies alerts for speed cam­er­as, using the Pock­et­G­PSWorld database.
AutoDeleteSMS 通过Jetpad.org

AutoDeleteSMS在Android Market (Android devices only)

Remove SMS mes­sages after a cer­tain­time, or after a cer­tain num­ber of texts from each contact.
短信弹出 亚当ķ

在Android Market短信弹出 (Android devices only)

Pops up text mes­sages and allows instant reply.
ES File Man­ager by EStrongs Inc.

ES File Man­ager on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Man­age files on your android phone.
电视 指南 联合王国 by tv24.co.uk

电视-指南 联合王国 在Android Market (Android devices only)

Full guide to 联合王国 电视.
谷歌护目镜 由谷歌公司.

谷歌护目镜在Android Market (Android devices only)

Search the inter­net using pho­to’s you’ve taken with the phone camera.
谷歌天空地图 由谷歌公司.

谷歌天空地图Android电子市场 (Android devices only)

Shows you what’s in the sky, stars, plan­ets, con­stel­la­tions. Uses the 全球定位系统 and inbuilt compass.
GMail的 由谷歌公司.

Android上的Gmail市场 (Android devices only)

Man­age your GMail from your phone
Facebook的Android版 by Facebook

Facebook的Android版在Android Market (Android devices only)

Access your Face­book account from your phone.
谷歌地图 由谷歌公司.

在Android Market谷歌地图 (Android devices only)

Google Maps on your phone.
handyCalc计算器 通过他们

在Android Market handyCalc计算器 (Android devices only)

Ver­sat­ile cal­cu­lat­or and unit converter.
Shazam的 by Shazam Enter­tain­ment Limited

Shazam的在Android Market (Android devices only)

Auto­mat­ic music recognition.
Tun­eIn Radio by Tun­eIn Inc

Tun­eIn Radio on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Access lots of radio sta­tions, include BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra.
Digit­ally Impor­ted Radio by Audi­oAd­dict Inc

Digit­ally Impor­ted Radio on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Digit­al stream­ing of elec­tron­ic music.
Adobe Flash Play­er by Adobe Systems

Adobe Flash Play­er on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Enable Flash anim­a­tions on your phone browser.
Google+的 由谷歌公司.

Google+ on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Access your Google+ account from your phone.
Cricbuzz Crick­et Scores by Cricbuzz.com

Cricbuzz Crick­et Scores on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Live crick­et scores widget.
gvSig Mini Maps by Prodevelop

gvSig Mini Maps on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Altern­at­ive to Google Maps which includes O/S map data and more. Use­ful for find­ing routes along footpaths.
Wifi Ana­lyz­er by farproc

Wifi Ana­lyz­er on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Acts like the fam­ous Net Stum­bler. Provides inform­a­tion on all nearby wire­less broadcasts.
Google Trans­late 由谷歌公司.

Google Trans­late on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Trans­late instantly between mul­tiple lan­guages. Take pics with the cam­era and trans­late them.
Street View on Google Maps 由谷歌公司.

Street View on Google Maps on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Add street view to Google Maps on Android.
Voice Search 由谷歌公司.

Voice Search on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)

Voice search app by Google.

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