0AMD VISION融合Premium徽标固定: AMD E350崩溃 & 无效的引导设备错误

我有一个AMD E350系统一年多了, 我为我的主要用途 HTPC. 然而, in that time I’ve always had ocasional 稳定性问题 where the system would lock up, 重启, 并没有找到原发 硬盘. 起初,我把这个下到 硬盘a Seagate Momentus XT, 这是众所周知的是不可靠的,当它第一次发布. 由于希捷发布的更新固件但是驱动器似乎精细操作, 虽然我不能排除这种可能. 我也更新了 BIOS 我的华硕E35M1-M PRO和更新所有的驱动程序,我能找到, 没有完全解决问题.

I always suspected there was an issue with the SATA drivers for the motherboard but Asus haven’t released updated ones. I eventually found that there are updated drivers available from AMD. Installing these has completely fixed my 稳定性问题 最后. 如果您需要更新驱动程序为E350 (or similar system) then ou need to download the AMD chipset drivers. I can’t find an internal link to these on AMDs download page, but a bit of googling eventually turned it up. At the time of writing the latest version is 12.6 – the same as the current latest catalyst video drivers.


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