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7الرغبة HTC الروبوت الشعارثابت: HTC الرغبة شحن ببطء من شاحن سيارة

لدي الرغبة HTC, which I frequently use as a Sat Nav system. I have a car charger, ولكن هذا هو في كثير من الأحيان بالكاد قادرة على مواكبة تعادل قوة الهاتف. This seemed strange as the official HTC wall-wart charger that came with the phone can fully-charger the battery quite quickly. I did some research and discovered that the HTC wall charger has the USB دبابيس البيانات (دبابيس 2 و 3) shorted. الهاتف بالكشف عن هذا ويزيد من إجمالي الطاقة تلفت أثناء الشحن.

I believe that other phones may also use a similar system. On the Desire it is possible to check which kind of charge mode the phone is using by going to Menu: إعدادات: حول الهاتف: Battery. The battery status can be displayed as either Charging (USB) or Charging (AC)

The fix to the slow charging issue, the usb data pins need to be shorted, إما في كابل (not recommended if you want to use it as a data cable) or in the car charger itself. I couldn’t see any downside to the latter so that is the route I took. I should also point out at this point that I got a car charger which specified at least 1amp output. Chargers specced for 2amp output are widely available now and I would recommend getting one.

من فضلك أرسل لنا أفكارك بالتعليق أدناه! إذا كنت ترغب في الاشتراك يرجى استخدام الرابط الاشتراك في القائمة في اعلى اليمين. يمكنك أيضا مشاركة هذا مع أصدقائك باستخدام الروابط الاجتماعية أدناه. في صحتك.

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Thanks for posting this. My car charger was showingUSBand charging slowly even though it was supposed to be able to output 2.1amps. I followed your procedure and now it shows “AC” when plugged in. أنا محاولة إعطائها ومعرفة ما اذا كان يسرع شحن.

غرفترجون سكيف

Thank you for your comment. لقد تركت صلتك في, even though it is shameless self-promotion. I don’t advise readers to follow the link however as the article you linked to doesn’t address the same issue. A broken cable obviously needs to be replaced and has nothing to do with a phone charging quickly from the wall and slowly elsewhere. This article highlights the fact that most smartphones have 2 charging modes – ل “AC” mode and aDC” الوضع (HTC explicitly call the 2 modes by these names and display which type is being used in their charging status). This article explains how totrickthe phone into using AC mode even when it is not connected to an AC charger. The reason phones do this is so not to pull too much current from a standard USB as it may risk damaging it. This trick is only advised when you know that the source you are modifying is specified to provide the current required.


I did this mod for my HTC Amaze using a 2amp IPAD car charger. the current going into the charger(12ال) went from 250ma to 490ma and my phone displays AC instead of USB. شكرا!


مرحبا, I found some posts regarding an update to the android OS causing some chargers to act this way. This solution corrected the issue on my LG phonethanks for an extremely helpful post.