0La fissazione di un lento fuoco Amazon HD 8

Un paio di xmases fa ho comprato la mia dolce metà un fuoco Amazon HD 8 tablet come lei voleva un tablet budget per leggere libri su di notte, e per giocare giochi Android come scontro di clan. Il fuoco sembrava una scelta ideale in quanto sarebbe un collegamento sul suo conto Kindle senza alcun problema, ed è Android basato anche. E 'stato inoltre possibile ottenere un dispositivo di buone dimensioni entro il limite di prezzo che abbiamo fissato l'un l'altro.

The prob­lems star­ted from day one. In their determ­in­a­tion to plague us with more adverts than google, Amazon have opted to build their own ver­sion of android called FireOS instead of stick­ing with the Google ver­sion. Along­side this Amazon provide their own built-in apps and their own AppStore. None of this is a prob­lem, ma purtroppo, Amazon non forniscono un modo per installare Google Play Store, and not all of the apps avail­able on play store are avail­able on the Amazon app store — includ­ing Clash of Clans! I’m not sure what the Amazon ‘excuse’ is for this, ma è uno sforzo molto scarsa da parte loro.

I imme­di­ately set about root­ing the device so that I could install the Play Store and accom­plished this quickly and eas­ily and suc­cess­fully installed the vari­ous games that my good lady wanted. tuttavia, ever since the device has been pain­fully slow and quickly stopped being used. I tried all sorts of online advice about clear­ing memory, remov­ing apps, stop­ping pro­grams run­ning in the back­ground, but noth­ing really made any sig­ni­fic­ant dif­fer­ence.

After we moved house a year ago it remained bur­ied away until I stumbled across it recently. I figured I had noth­ing to lose in try­ing to get it back to prop­er per­form­ance, so I star­ted by doing a full fact­ory reset to see if it was still so slow in a default state. As I expec­ted the fact­ory reset made a huge dif­fer­ence and the per­form­ance because entirely usable as expec­ted. I thought it would be more use­ful in this con­di­tion as a back­lit ebook read­er so decided not to try root­ing it again, ma ho ancora voglia di trovare un modo per installare i giochi mia moglie ha voluto giocare se potessi.

After some search­ing I found an art­icle at liliputing.com che a sua volta collegato ad un un post su xda-developers di Gilly10. The basic pro­cess is that the 4 APKs needed for the google play store can be down­loaded and installed manu­ally. Ci sono 3 red “notes” at the top of the post on xda-developers, tutti 3 of these applied to my device and prob­ably apply to most oth­er devices too.

L'installazione di questi 4 APK’s and restart­ing worked fully as hoped. After log­ging into my wife’s google account app of the apps pre­vi­ously installed were (molto lentamente) restored auto­mat­ic­ally, and I then restar­ted the device again. Upon first inspec­tion there is no dif­fer­ence between the device pri­or to the fact­ory reset, e come è ora configurato. In entrambi i casi il Play Store viene installato e vengono installati tutte le applicazioni Mia moglie voleva. There is a reas­on­able amount of free RAM and free stor­age. How­ever the per­form­ance dif­fer­ence is enorm­ous. Whilst it was ori­gin­ally almost unus­able, è ora totalmente utilizzabile, with sim­il­ar per­form­ance to a medi­um-range android phone.

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