我最近有一个问题,即WordPress的可视化编辑器停止工作. 代码编辑器工作正常, 但虚拟按键只是没有做所有事情. 我知道这是不是服务器设置,因为它影响 2 的 5 在服务器上的WordPress网站, 但其他人工作得很好. 我试图删除和复制的情况下,东西的“WP-包括”新鲜的副本和“可湿性粉剂管理员”才行了损坏,但是这并没有任何解决问题.

I also tried cre­at­ing a new user, which loaded with the visu­al edit­or activ­ated. 但是, as soon as I switched to the text edit­or I got stuck and could­n’t switch back.
I tried dis­abling all plu­gins, and chan­ging theme, 但是这些都帮助, although this might be due to extens­ive use of cach­ing on the live site.
Even­tu­ally I found a sug­ges­tion on WPGuru to add a set­ting to wp-config.php which did the trick.
define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);
This sug­gests that one of the scripts on the 2 affected sites isn’t oper­at­ing cor­rectly so I will try to track this down. The strange this is that it can­’t be a built-in script because I re-copied the wp-admin and wp-includes folders, but it also should­n’t be a theme or plu­gin as I switched to a default theme and dis­abled all plu­gins! 很奇怪!
When I have time I will invest­ig­ate fur­ther to pin­point the prob­lem script and will update this post accord­ingly. My best guess at the moment is that it is hid­ing in the wp-con­tent dir­ect­ory struc­ture some­where

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