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Eu recentemente postou abiout minha busca por um novo caso de servidor de armazenamento. Minha próxima pesquisa envolve encontrar um adequado PSU! Parece nos últimos anos ele tem muito mais difícil de encontrar o tipo de hardware eu gosto de usar, provavelmente porque a moda tem sido a de ir menor e mais elegante que é geralmente mais possível nesta era de melhores dispositivos de desempenho por watt. No entanto, se você tiver espaço e você quer que sistemas de ser cool, quieto, e eficiente, em seguida, grande ainda é o caminho a percorrer.

My cur­rent serv­er has the excel­lent Cor­sair HX520 PSU que tive por cerca de 10 anos. This mod­u­lar PSU tem 5 AUX con­nect­ors which can take SATA ou cabos Molex. Eu tenho extras SATA cabos e têm 1 cabo e molex 4 SATA cabos que me permite ligar ambos os fãs de caso (molex) e até 16 HDDs (4 x 4 SATA cabos). I cur­rently have 12 SATA impulsiona alimentado com um pouco de capacidade ociosa.

I would be very happy with anoth­er HX520 power sup­ply for my new serv­er but of course being a 10 year old design it is no longer avail­able, and I haven’t been able to find one second hand so I have been search­ing for some­thing equi­val­ent. The prob­lem is that mod­ern designs seem obsessed with provid­ing silly num­bers of GPU cabos de força (silly giv­en that a sig­ni­fic­ant major­ity of people use either 0 ou 1 GPUs, e muito poucos de fato usar 2, muito menos 3!) mas muitos deles só tem 3 AUX con­nect­ors with even the reas­on­ably high power mod­els only offer­ing 4.

It is pos­sible to get mod­els with 5 or more AUX sock­ets but these are typ­ic­ally £200 or more for 1000W or more. My cur­rent serv­er pulls 125W at the sock­et so this sort of PSU would be com­plete overkill and would also be oper­at­ing at only 10% capa­city which is far below the optim­um effi­ciency. A 400W PSU would be far more suit­able (to give head­room for the syst­me under full load and for the drive spin up power draw at boot up).

One final frus­tra­tion is that even if I am able to find a much older mod­el second hand it is likely to be sig­ni­fic­antly less effi­cient that a mod­ern design. With the serv­er run­ning 24.7 effi­ciency does make a dif­fer­ence. Is it too much to ask to find a mod­ern equi­val­ent of the HX520 with an 80 e ainda o ouro (or bet­ter) rat­ing for price of around £60?

Bare in mind there is a lot of mis­in­form­a­tion about the amount of power required for sys­tems with mul­tiple HDDs. Existe um good thread on Super­User where some typ­ic­al fig­ures are giv­en and a sim­il­ar dis­cus­sion on Tom’s Hard­ware for­ums where a typ­ic­al example is given…

  • WD Cavi­ar Black (WD2001FASS)
  • Star­tup Cur­rent +12V: 1.16 Amps
  • Star­tup Cur­rent +5V: 0.60 Amps
  • Star­tup Power (total): 16.92W
  • Ler escrever: 10.70 watts
  • inativo: 8.20 watts
  • Espera: 1.30 watts
  • Dormir: 1.30 watts

The total spin up power at 17W is fairly typ­ic­al. A WD Red 3Tb uses 15W.

Com 16 of these drives there would be a max­im­um draw of 48W from the 5v line and 223W from the 12V line (271total de W). Mesmo com 125W permitiu uma CPU under full load and anoth­er 100W for the rest of the sys­tem, the total max­im­um power draw is still only 471W. And let’s remem­ber that the cpu and sys­tem will not be draw­ing max­im­um power at bootup time when the drives are at max­im­um. A última coisa a verificar é que o PSU can sup­ply enough power on the 5V line and 12v line as these each have a max­im­um rat­ing. Even my old Cor­sair HX520 can provide 24A at 5V which is a total of 120W (Basic sec­ond­ary school phys­ics les­sons will tell you that Power = Cur­rent x Voltage) which is 2.5x the demand of this hypo­tet­ic­al 16-drive system.

In fact the area I would have to be care­ful of (if I did­n’t have staggered spin up) é que o meu velho HX520 tem 3 12V lines which each have a max­im­um sup­ply of 18A which means 216W. Só 1 um deles é usado para alimentação da unidade assim que se eu tentasse girar 16 HDDs sim­ul­tan­eously I would be slightly over my power budget. É claro que eu tenho spin-up escalonada e eu só tenho 10 spin­ning-rust based drives so I am well with­in the lim­its. The les­son is clear though — in any build the lim­it­ing factor is more likely to be the max­im­um power provided per 12v line and not the total power the PSU está classificado para. Once we know this it becomes appar­ent that there really is no need for a kilo­watt PSU for this sort of sys­tem, but hav­ing staggered spin up is immensely valu­able and even with that, it is worth pay­ing atten­tion to the max­im­um rat­ing of each 12v line, and the max­im­um rat­ing for the 5v sup­ply. Most mod­ern PSUs now use a single 12v line which can sup­ply 50A+ which solves this problem.

It is worth not­ing that using “green” drives that like to go to sleep could cause issues if they all try to spin up at once. Se não o fizerem, então você vai ter um atraso reponse longo sempre que o acordar! I recom­mend using NAS grade (or bet­ter) HDDs for a stor­age sys­tem of this kind. Some good inform­a­tion and graphs about start-up power are avail­able at 45Drives.com

My cur­rent serv­er has 12 unidades, 1 invadem o cartão, e 2 placas de tV. It typ­ic­ally draws about 125W at the sock­et, with all the drives spin­ning and the TV stream­ing. No doubt if I ham­mer the serv­er it will go high­er, but for a glor­i­fied NAS a kilo­watt power sup­ply is utterly overkill. A principal coisa a observar é o poder desenhar se você não tem escalonada spin-up habilitado (which you can prob­ably only enable with a RAID cartão). Eu tenho escalonada spin para cima, e 2 da minha 12 unidades são SSDs que não têm o spin-se questão. Assum­ing the new serv­er also draws around 125W then a 500W PSU será no 25% carga, enquanto um 1000W PSU será no 12.5% carga. Giv­en an equal 80 plus rat­ing the 500W PSU is almost cer­tain to be more effi­cient at this load, as well as being a reas­on­able price to start with.

Eu tive uma boa olhada na marca principal PSU man­u­fac­tur­ers (Cor­sair, Season­ic, EVGA, Antec, FSP, Bequiet, Sil­ver­stone, Thermal­take, Cool­er­Mas­ter, XFX, fractal design, Ener­max) e fez a lista abaixo do mais próximo que eu poderia encontrar. Most man­u­fac­tur­ers don’t offer any­thing at all below 650W with 5 or more aux con­nect­ors. I’ve included a 750W Cor­sair as I’ve seen it on offer at a sim­il­ar price to 650W mod­els frequently.

Pos­sible new models

  • Cor­sair RM750 (750W; £ 75; 80+ ouro)
  • EVGA Super­NOVA 650 G + (650W; £ 85; 80+ ouro)
  • EVGA 650 BQ (650W; £ 74; 80+ bronze)

Até agora, o PSU’s I am aware of to search for second hand are…

  • Cor­sair HX520
  • Cor­sair HX620
  • Cor­sair HX550
  • Cor­sair HX650
  • Season­ic 660XP2
  • Season­ic 650KM3

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