0IE浏览器 9 商标IE10为Windows 7 最后到达

Anoth­er item that we’re a bit late to cov­er is the arrival of 跨网浏览器 10 对于Windows 7 (and Serv­er 2008 R2).  与以前的版本, 较旧的操作系统都被抛在后面与Vista或XP不支持, which are stuck on IE9 and IE8 respect­ively. If you have Win­dows 7 我们推荐upgrad-ING (即使你不使用 IE浏览器) and of course there is no harm giv­ing it a try. We’ll prob­ably be stick­ing with Fire­fox and Chrome ourselves, 但 IE浏览器 有时有它的用途.

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