0Spell Checker - Spelling Police安装了一个拼写检查您的浏览器

我先承认: 我在Facebook上的那些学究谁喜欢来纠正你的拼写之一, punc­tu­ation and gram­mar. Some of you will think this is per­fectly reas­on­able, whilst oth­ers will prob­ably want an explan­a­tion. If you are one of the lat­ter read on.

The simple fact is that as a social spe­cies our exist­ence depends on com­mu­nic­a­tion, the clear­er the bet­ter. When their only con­tact with you is vir­tu­al oth­er people will make judge­ments about you based on what is avail­able to them — includ­ing your SPG俱乐部I cor­rect spellings on Face­book for 2 原因: 1. because I’m a teach­er so it’s a habit; 2. because with mod­ern web-browsers there is quite simply no excuse for incor­rect spelling. So, to help every­one, here is a quick guide to enabling an auto­mat­ic ‘Microsoft word like” spell-check­er in your web-browser…

A quick note — I speak “the ori­gin­al” Eng­lish, so this guide is for Brit­ish Eng­lish, but it is equally applic­able to oth­er lan­guages. This guide is also aimed at users of Win­dows, although options may well be sim­il­ar in oth­er OSes


It’s built-in!  可是, if it isn’t work­ing, check the settings…

  • Click on the icon with 3 hori­zont­al lines at the top right
  • Select ‘set­tings’
  • Click on “+ Show advanced set­tings” at the bot­tom of the page
  • Scroll down to the “Lan­guages” section
  • Click on “Lan­guages and spellcheck­er settings…”
  • Ensure “Eng­lish (United King­dom)” is highlighted
  • Ensure “Enable spellcheck­ing” is ticked

Inter­net explorer

  • Install Speck­ie
  • Load Inter­net Explorer
  • If you get a prompt “The ‘Speck­ie’ add-on from ‘Ver­so­works Pty Ltd’ is ready for use.” click “Enable”
  • In the address bar enter “about:speckie”
  • Click “Get more dictionaries”
  • Click on the link to “Eng­lish Great Britain”
  • Click “Open”
  • 点击“确定”
  • Close Inter­net Explorer
  • Reload Inter­net Explorer
  • In the address bar enter “about:speckie”
  • Untick “Eng­lish (United States)”
  • Click Apply
  • Close Inter­net Explorer
  • Reload Inter­net Explorer


  • Right click on a mis­spelled word in a form
  • Go down to “Spelling and grammar”
  • Select “Show spelling and grammar”
  • In the pull-down menu at the bot­tom select “Brit­ish English”
  • Close the mini window
  • When a word is mis­spelled (shown with the red line) double click on it to high­light it, then right click for cor­rec­tion options. The cor­rec­tion options don’t appear on some forms, e.g. google search, which imple­ment their own suggestions.



  • Right click on a mis­spelled word
  • Scroll down to “dic­tion­ar­ies”
  • Select “Add/remove dictionaries…”
  • Tick “Eng­lish (联合王国)”
  • Click “Next”
  • Tick “Accept license”
  • Click “Next”
  • Select “Eng­lish (联合王国) [en-GB]” as the default dictionary
  • Click Fin­ish

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