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3Apple, логотипIphone 4S: Просто разочарование в догонялки

Так, I see that Apple have released the latest iteration of theiramazing” iphone. Каждый раз, когда новый iproduct освобождается я считаю себя кричать на Телевидение, Радио объявления, and other ignorant people who don’t seem to realise that their is nothing special about Apple products. This time I’m going to share a few thoughts publicly instead. I’ve just watched the official release video over on the Apple website. Так, с, что в качестве основы, here are my thoughts on the “новый” features in the iphone 4S

8 Megapixel camera
Первые запуски по Nokia в феврале-2009. Now available in over 120 телефоны.

Now works worldwide
ROFL. Available since the last millennium.

Siri (aka Voice Recognition)
Гугл голос (действия, Поиск, так далее) сделал это на Android с августа-2010.

1080p30 видео
Available on plenty of other phones. First one that comes to mind is the HTC Sensation. I can even do it with custom ROMs on my 2 летний HTC Desire.

Image Stabilisation
Давай? Это новый?! There are no phones with REAL image stabilisationits all electrical stabilisation, not optical.

Face Detection
In photo’s? Android is about to bring face detection to the lock screen! Мой 2 year old Desire does face recognition. I’m pretty sure even older iphones do this perfectly well.

Никогда не слышал о Google? Они делают все эти вещи. Its a big part of their key businesstaking over the Internet. They’re already established, tried and tested. They’re accessible on all platforms on all devices.

Двухъядерный чип
already in Samsung Galaxy S2, LG Optimus 2X, HTC Sensation, Motorola Atrix, and no doubt plenty others very soon too. Также, I’d like to take issue with the claim that this speeds up web-browsing. The limit on web-browsing speed on a phone is nearly always caused by connection speed. Unless you’re on 4G, which the iphone 4S doesn’t have! D'о

What I notice is still missing

  • contactless payment
  • Adobe Flash
  • replaceable battery
  • free turn-by-turn navigation

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Вы должны признать,, the hardware is not rubbish. IOS 5 and iCloud put right a lot of what was missing, especially when you compare it to Android. The new hardware and software features have clearly been designed in response to Android alone (Apple's decision to badge up Siri as Beta is an indication of their playing catch-up).

I disagree with you when you say that there's nothing special about Apple productsI would say that there is. As your article points out, they're often not first with features. Когда они решили включить их, хотя, they're usually very well executed.

GravatarДжон Скейф

The hardware is fine. The software is ok too. да – it's a clear response to android, и его довольно хорошее усилие в ответ тоже. Однако, that's the pointits a catch upnot innovative. And it hasn't fully caught upthere are still things missing. Зачем платить больше за меньшие деньги?

You reckon when they include them they're "very well executed". I don't agree. It usually takes them 3 generations to get it right, если они когда-нибудь сделать. The first ipods had terrible audio quality, far inferior to the diamond Rio which came before it, и в некоторых тестах я читал в то время, inferior to an original Sony walkman from the 1980's! There is also the issue of poorly designed antennas needing a rubber condom before the call quality was what it should be. And of course the fact that Apple laptops lead the way in terms of number of burning batteries. Given that they pretty much only make ПК, mp3 players, phones and tablets, and i've pointed out problems with core functionality or safety in 3 из тех 4, I can't see how anyone can think they execute well first time.

С другой стороны, their marketing is always executed exceptionally well

GravatarДжон Скейф

Примечание: I haven't bothered to provide references, as anyone can just use google to verify the facts I've presented. Однако, если есть достаточный спрос, я могу и обеспечит 🙂