2MCEBuddy标志MCEBuddy重装上阵: H264 WTV转换

我一直想设施,以我的记录WTV文件转换为另一种格式,只要我有一个MediaPC。铅候选人一直MCEBuddy, 但超过 2 年项目一拖再拖 (只要用户在至少一个有关) by prob­lems sup­port­ing h264 video inside wtv files.

MCE-好友 2 Reloaded (公测 13) was finally released at the start of 2011, and whilst very much still a beta, it now sup­ports the necesary formats and comes with a basic 图形用户界面It cur­rently needs some fid­dling to make it work with Win­dows 7 x64的 (见下文) but worked great for me with an epis­ode of Life recor­ded from BBC HD.

在平均时间, this is at least 90% of the way to the com­plete solu­tion, and the more test­ers that can help the developer the soon­er we will get an end product (and the bet­ter it will be).  Happy testing…

Fix­ing x64 problems…

Cred­it to a post by scanti on the MCE­Buddy for­ums which I have sim­pli­fied below…

  1. 向下载荷 corflags.zip (part of the Microsoft .NET Frame­work SDK) and extract the exe to the MCE­Buddy folder
  2. 打开提升的命令提示
  3. Switch dir­ect­ory to the MCE
  4. 运行 cor­flags MCEBuddy.BetaUI.exe /32bit+
  5. Using the MCE­Buddy 图形用户界面 should now work fine

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It sup­ports many many formats H.264, WTV, TS, MPEG1/2, DVRMS, AVI, MKV etc
It has mul­tiple lan­guages, subitles, email noti­fic­a­tions, schedul­ing, mul­tiple con­ver­sions, fil­ters, cus­tom rename, qual­ity set­tings and the list goes on


MCE-好友 2.2.7 is out, no fixes required. It sup­ports both 64 bit and 32 bit edi­tions. Way coool­er and many new fea­tures. Pretty sol­id release.