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我有一个很讨厌的问题与我的新的Windows 7 媒体岑之三 HTPC 设置. 我有 7MC 设置为全屏加载在启动时 (因为电脑是专门 HTPC), 但是这是我改变了在某些时候是导致任务栏上显示媒体中心顶部 (即. Media Cen­ter did­n’t have win­dow focus) and there­fore my remote con­trol did­n’t work until using the mouse func­tion to click on Media Cen­ter to refo­cus it (at which point the taskbar disappears).

The even­tu­al solu­tion to this prob­lem was very strange, but entirely suc­cess­ful — simple change the win­dows theme back to the default win­dows aero theme. Not only did this solve my issue but it also reduced the star­tup time by about 5 秒!

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