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Below is a list I’m slowly com­pil­ing of Movie Stu­dio logos that are miss­ing from the Images By Name pro­ject. I hope to even­tu­ally loc­ate sources for them all and at a con­veni­ent point will sub­mit them to the pro­ject.

Crossed-out items are now included in the avail­able down­loads. Grey items are items that are altern­at­ive names for exist­ing stu­di­os — these can be added by duplic­at­ing the rel­ev­ant folder and renam­ing it.

1492 Pic­tures
21 Laps Enter­tain­ment
2929 Pro­duc­tions
Adamo & Eve Pro­duc­tions
Alli­ance Com­mu­nic­a­tions Cor­por­a­tion
Asia Uni­on Film & Enter­tain­ment Ltd.
AVCO Embassy Pic­tures
Bazmark Films
Beacon Com­mu­nic­a­tions
Beech Hill Films
Black Rhino Pro­duc­tions
Blind­ing Edge Pic­tures
Blue­print Pic­tures
Brit­ish Broad­cast­ing Cor­por­a­tion (BBC)
Car­olco Inter­na­tion­al N.V.
Carpath­i­an Pic­tures
Celandine Films
Char­toff-Wink­ler Pro­duc­tions
Columbia Pic­tures Cor­por­a­tion
Cross­bow Pro­duc­tions
Dav­id Foster Pro­duc­tions
De Line Pic­tures
Depth of Field Pro­duc­tions
Don­ners’ Com­pany
Dune Enter­tain­ment III
Fantasy Films
Fox 2000 Pic­tures
Fox Atom­ic
Fox Filmes do Brasil
Gramercy Pic­tures (Io)
Gros­ven­or Park Pro­duc­tions
Happy Madis­on Pro­duc­tions
Icarus Pro­duc­tions
Indi­an Paint­brush
Ingeni­ous Film Part­ners
Lee Daniels Enter­tain­ment
Left Turn Films
Liberty Films Regno Unito
Live Enter­tain­ment
Lun­ar Indus­tries
Mal­paso Com­pany, Il
Metro-Gold­wyn-May­er (MGM)
MID Found­a­tion
Mobra Films
MTV Europe
MTV Films Europe
New Star
NPV Enter­tain­ment
O2 Filmes
Odys­sey Enter­tain­ment
Para­mount Vant­age
Par­ti­cipant Pro­duc­tions
Peer­ford Ltd.
Poly­Gram Filmed Enter­tain­ment
Radi­ant Pro­duc­tions
Rev­el­a­tions Enter­tain­ment
Scott Free Pro­duc­tions
Sec­tion Eight
Smoke­wood Enter­tain­ment Group
Som­mers Com­pany, Il
Fase 6 Films
Stillk­ing Films
Sun Canada Pro­duc­tions
Il Regno Unito Film & TV Pro­duc­tion Com­pany
Voltage Pic­tures
Walt Dis­ney Tele­vi­sion
Warner Inde­pend­ent Pic­tures (WIP)
Xin­gu Films

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