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0VPS Server新的VPS主机

所以, there haven’t been many new art­icles on the site in the last 2–3 months.  Partly this is because we’ve been busy in our day jobs, but also it is because we decided it was time to move to a VPS instead of our pre­vi­ous host­ing pack­age.  所以, to cut a very long story short, we’re now up and run­ning on the new host.  There is still a lot of tweak­ing and tinker­ing to do, but the site should be not­ic­ably faster thanks to vari­ous cach­ing and oth­er options we’ve been able to use with the VPS.  Once everything has settled down and is fully func­tion­al you can expect quite a few new art­icles, start­ing with a sub­stan­tial (7,000 word and grow­ing) guide to how to set up a VPS!

在平均时间, if you find any broken func­tion­al­ity please let us know with a com­ment, e‑mail or mes­sage via social net­work. You can also see more details on the changes we’ve been mak­ing on our 网站更新日志.

干杯, 乔恩


目前已在过去几天一直是一对夫妇有趣的文章在Anandtech的. 首先是一个回顾 廉价 CEC 设备 通过脉冲八其中希望信号的更多选择的到来 HTPC 遥控器. 更大的兴趣是 新闻一“黑客”的VLC 这使得商业的回放 (加密) BluRays. 每日构建VLC的 以来 1.2 包括蓝光播放支持. 所有你需要为它全面的功能是 AACS 密钥数据库, 快速谷歌应该提供一个.


Fol­low­ing the recent restyl­ing of DIY Media Home we have been work­ing on con­nect­ing to the lead­ing social media sites. 我们现在可以上找到 脸书, 的Twit-TER and Google+的. Our new con­tent will auto­mat­ic­ally be shared to these 3 lead­ing social plat­forms so you can fol­low us through these as well as through the exist­ing RSS Feeds or e‑mail.

0Haali的Matroska的标志Haali的媒体分配器: 官方网站下

HTPC 相关网站和资源似乎下探像此刻苍蝇。第一媒体中心演播室消失, then TheHTPC.net开发问题, 现在对于Haali的媒体分配器官方网站已关闭。幸运的是,媒体分流仍然可以从大量的下载 其他网站, 我们将在这里的情况下保持一个镜子其他网站将其删除。也有替代品, 包括 MPC-HC 独立的编解码器和LAV。链接到这些都是可以在我们的降负荷 页。让我们希望这是最后一次在最近的一系列 HTPC 相关损失.

0Antec的融合遥控HTPC机箱标志的HTPC GPU的比较

Anandtech的具有优良 文章比较 4 底端 GPU的对 HTPC.  这篇文章是广泛的,做的帧率时间解释问题的好工作, 化节奏检测, 电视图像和下拉以及比较 4 GPU的。由于我们不重新发明轮子相信 - 我们建议任何人建设 HTPC 设置阅读文章出发前.