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0Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3 'V' Asus EeePC 901

Есть много отзывов там по сравнению к последнему телефоны, последние таблетки и последние ноутбуки, но очень немногие когда-либо ссылаться на нечто большее, чем 18 месяцев. Большинство людей не обновляют свой комплект так часто, что делает сравнения бесполезными. В период 4–5 лет, который является более типичным циклом обновления для большинства людей, произошли огромные изменения в доступной вычислительной мощности..

In June 2008 I was asked for help to choose a device for a fam­ily mem­ber which would meet basic online and app needs whilst being as port­able as pos­sible. The Asus eeePC 700 had been released a year earli­er and the new 901 with the new Intel Atom pro­cessor had just become avail­able. It did everything required — cap­able of run­ning Win­dows XP, with wireless‑n and at around 1Kg it was just power­ful enough, and impress­ively port­able. Bat­tery life was way bey­ond any­thing else com­par­able and could only be matched by spend­ing an order of mag­nitude more.

Jump to June 2012 — a scant 4 years later and my mobile phone con­tract expires. After long delib­er­a­tions I even­tu­ally opted for the Sam­sung Galaxy S3 over the HTC One X. Hav­ing spet con­sid­er­able time look­ing at specs it dawned on me that super­fi­cially it had specs not all that dis­sim­il­ar to the good old eeePC. Always inter­ested in the pro­gress of these things I did a quick comparison

Asus eeePC 901Sam­sung Galaxy S3
Date of releaseиюнь-08May-12
Screen res­ol­u­tion1024×600720× 1280
ПроцессорDual­Thread 1.6GHzQuad­Core 1.4GHz
Wire­less802.11н (draft)802.11н
dimen­sions225 Икс 165 x 35137 Икс 71 x 9
HDMI выходНеда

The specs speak for them­selves. The phone is much thin­ner, light­er and more power­ful. It comes with com­par­able stor­age and ОЗУ and has bet­ter con­nectiv­ity and a bet­ter cam­era. The eeePC is of course still much more suit­able for work­ing on word or excel doc­u­ments, but it isn’t all that great for that itself.

I sus­pect that most eeeP­C’s were, like the one in my case, bought for basic inter­net access. Mod­ern smart­phones have made this func­tion com­pletely redund­ant. People need­ing to do ser­i­ous doc­u­ment work aren’t likely to opt for a net­book either — an ultra­book or sim­il­ar note­book is far more likely to be deemed suit­able because you just can­’t get away from need­ing a good size phys­ic­al screen and real key­board. Whilst the demise of the net­book due to tab­lets was much exag­ger­ated, I believe the mod­ern smart­phone really will put an end to the net­book mar­ket almost completely.

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