0Windows Media Player的徽标Outputting WMP Videos to second display

When using a PC with a second dis­play (for example a laptop with a data pro­ject­or) it is often a com­mon prob­lem to find that a video played with Win­dows Media Play­er will only dis­play on the primary dis­play, and not on the sec­ond­ary out­put.

There are vari­ous dif­fer­ent con­fig­ur­a­tions which con­trib­ute to this beha­viour — Win­dows set­tings, Win­dows Media Play­er set­tings and Graph­ics Card driver set­tings.

One pos­sible solu­tion is to change which dis­play win­dows treats as the primary dis­play via the dis­play con­trol pan­el, but this is not always pos­sible or suits the way you use the dis­plays.

If you have an ATi video adaptor then you can tweak these set­tings in the “advanced” ver­sion of cata­lyst con­trol centre. Under “Video” : “Theatre mode”, change “second dis­play” from “in stand­ard mode” to either of the oth­er 2 选项.

If you have an nVidia video adaptor there is a sim­il­ar option, called “full­screen video mir­ror­ing”, although I don’t have spe­cif­ic instruc­tions at present.

更新资料 1: If you have an Intel adaptor when you switch to “clone mode” you should get video out­put on both out­puts

If none of the above solu­tions work for you than as a last resort you can try the fol­low­ing, which may work, depend­ing on your video adaptor set­tings.

Right click on the media play­er logo at the very top left of the media play­er win­dow, and select “tools” then “options”
Click on the per­form­ance tab, and then click on the advanced but­ton
Untick 2 instances of “Use Over­lays” which appear in the “video accel­er­a­tion” and “dvd video” sec­tions
Click OK to close the vari­ous win­dows
You may need to restart media play­er

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