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1Closed Captions Subtitles LogoSubtitles and DXVA in Windows Media Center 7 x64

Thanks to a guide on I have been able to get sub­titles work­ing with hard­ware accel­er­ated decod­ing in Win­dows Media Cen­ter 7 x64.

For this sim­pli­fied guide to work you must already be com­fort­able with the vari­ous tweaks neces­sary to change the default codecs used in Media Cen­ter. Once you know how to tweak codecs (and change their mer­its) you can simply fol­low these steps…
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0FFmpeg Logomedia center tweaks codec di base

Fol­low­ing on from my pre­vi­ous post list­ing details of the addins and apps that I use with my media cen­ter PC here are the details of the basic set of codec tweaks I use to enable max­im­um file com­pat­ib­lity with DXVA sup­port enabled…
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0FLAC LogoPieno supporto Flac in Media Center x64

Fol­low­ing on from an earli­er art­icle, I have been con­tinu­ing to work on get­ting my music col­lec­tion work­ing in Win­dows 7 Media Center. The prob­lem I have had is that although there are codecs from xiph which sup­port play­back of flacs in 64bit play­ers (vedi questo post) there are (per quanto ne sono a conoscenza) no tag extenders com­pat­ible with 64bit. After banging my head against a wall for ages I even­tu­ally had a break­through.
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0Xiph Codecs Logo64po Xiph codec rompe dialogo tipo di file in WMP12

In an earli­er art­icle I recom­men­ded installing the Xiph codecs to sup­port FLAC files in 64bit Media Play­er and Media Cen­ter. One of the com­ments (my thanks to thom007) on that post poin­ted out that the Xiph codecs break the “file type” dia­log box in Media Play­er 12. Below is a work-around which restores the file-type dia­log box. The pos­sible side effects are as yet unknown, so exper­i­ment at your own risk.
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0Flash FLV LogoGiocare FLV scaricati di

I recently had a prob­lem with 2 PC which appeared to be con­figured identic­ally, ma mentre si potrebbe svolgere un FLV down­loaded from you­tube, the oth­er would fail. Some oth­er FLVs played OK on both sys­tems. After much fur­ther invest­ig­a­tion I dis­covered that the act­iveX ver­sion of flash play­er on 1 di data di up-to-era del PC, but on the oth­er was not.
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2Haali Matroska logoDisinstallare Haali Media Splitter x64

C'è una beta (o forse la sua Alpha) installer per Haali Media Splitter x64 in giro (per i collegamenti al programma di installazione per vedere il mio precedente post su finestrini 7 codec x64). Purtroppo il disinstallati stallo sembra essere rotto, che può causare il caos quando si cerca di diagnosticare problemi di codec. Per rimuovere completamente Haali è necessario annullare la registrazione i seguenti file manualmente utilizzando regsvr32 /u filename (da un prompt di comando eseguito come amministratore)
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