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This is the third install­ment in a series of art­icles address­ing PSU effi­ciency. Art­icle one focused on a the­or­et­ic­al new serv­er, art-icolo 2 su una typ­ic­al desktop PCThis art­icle will focus on a cur­rent real serv­er, and intro­duces a new PSU — an 80+ plat­in­um mod­el.

The sys­tem spends a lot of time semi-idling (serving net­work and disk requests but not doing too much CPU opera).  I estim­ated that it would pull around 150W on aver­age, and then cal­cu­lated it below. It really did come out exactly like that!
Base sys­tem Sem­pron LE-1100 (1.9GHz single-core) su nForce 630i / 7050 mother­board. 2Gb DDR-II35In
2x Sam­sung F4 2Tb HDDs, 7x 1Tb verde HDD inc. WD verde 1Tb, Seag­ate 1Tb and Sam­sung 1Tb, 1x unità 7200rpm WD 750GB, 1x Max­tor 300Gb 7200rpm drive, 1x WD 200Gb 7200rpm disco IDE108In
Areca 1220 RAID Scheda5In
2x 120mm Case Fan2In

Per interesse, assum­ing a cost of £0.10 per kWh this sys­tem would cost a total of £131.50 a year to run even with a per­fectly effi­cient PSU!

Il ATX specifica richiede 70% effi­ciency. Below is a com­par­is­on between a bare min­im­um ATX PSU e pochi altamente efficiente PSU'S.

Il dato del generico PSU is based on the min­im­um require­ment and is there­fore a worst case. I have cal­cu­lated a best-case yearly sav­ing, sulla base di una carica kWh di 10p e assumendo 24.7 uso.

Rendere / modelloEffi­ciency at 150WEst. A.C. assorbimento di potenzaSav-zione
ATX v2.2 250w ATX70% (a 150W)215In
Seasonic X-40088.8%169In£ 40.39
Cor-Sair AX85087.4%172In£ 38.02
Ener-Max Modu87 500W88.5%169In£ 39.89
Cor-Sair CX400W82.1%183In£ 28.31
Kingwin Tempo libero Platinum 550W93.3%161In£ 47.54
HuntKey Jumper R90 300W 80+ Oro90%167In£ 41.74

conclusione: This is the first scen­ario where new high­er-effi­ciency PSU are reas­on­ably price com­pet­it­ive based only on power usage. For such a sys­tem, a high effi­ciency PSU will pay for itself with­in approx­im­ately 3 years. If you plan to keep the sys­tem for more than 3 years a high effi­ciency PSU is a worth­while invest­ment as its TCO will be lower. As energy prices con­tin­ue to rise this TCO advant­age will widen.

Aggiornare (25-Nov-2011)

Added the HuntKey Jump­er R90. This PSU changes the con­clu­sion con­clus­ively. It pro­duces sav­ings of over £40, che è almeno il prezzo del PSU!  Un periodo di recupero di 1 anno, con l'aspettativa che i prezzi dell'elettricità continueranno a salire è ben merita l'investimento.

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