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Possiedo un Dell Studio 1557 computer portatile con un AMD (ex ATI) Mobility Radeon 4570. Mentre Dell fornisce un driver, essi non tengono direttamente le versioni più recenti up-to-date con il ciclo di rilascio mensile di AMD in passato ho installato da AMD.

For some reas­on one of these install­a­tions became cor­rupt, and des­pite my thor­ough remov­al of all things cata­lyst, includ­ing the use of the cata­lyst remov­al tool, driver sweep­er, and vari­ous manu­al dele­tions of files and registry entries, any new ver­sions I down­load only offer to install the Microsoft Visu­al C++ runtimes and the Cata­lyst Install Man­ager. There is no option to install the CCC or the dis­play driver itself. Although it is pos­sible to work around this (using device man­ager to install the driver, and run­ning vari­ous .msi installers manu­ally to install the CCC) this is fiddly and I’m not con­fid­ent everything is really installed cor­rectly. For­tu­nately I found a link for a “hacked” ver­sion of the cata­lyst 10.12 driver which, as a bonus, includes the new con­trol pan­el. These installed per­fectly and gave me a full set of install options includ­ing the driver and the CCC. As a huge bonus, this also seemed to “fix” the prob­lems with the offi­cial installer from AMD — Hav­ing installed the hacked ver­sion, reboot­ing and then rerun­ning the ori­gin­al installer now also shows up a full set of install­a­tion options, come mostrato di seguito!

AMD Catalyst Install Manager with all options showing

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gravatarJon Scaife

That’s very inter­est­ing. Cheers for the warn­ing. I won­der what Sony have done which caused a prob­lem — at the end of the day, un 5470 is a 5470 and should be com­pat­ible with the drivers. Did you report the issue to AMD? If not might I encour­age you to do so?


From recent exper­i­ence, I would say be VERY cau­tious doing this! Espe­cially if you have a Sony Vaio. I installed the divers from AMD for the Radeon HD 5470 in my Sony Vaio E Series, and then got sys­tem freezes/­lock-ups over the next few days. I thought it was a hard­ware prob­lem at first, but remov­ing the AMD driver and going back to the ATI-branded driver provided by Sony solved it. So I guess at least some man­u­fac­tur­ers are pro­du­cing laptops with ATI/AMD graph­ics that are NOT com­pat­ible with the drivers from the AMD web­site — but you will NOT get an error if you try to use them!