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Avec la triste perte de TheHTPC.net il ne semble plus être une maison pour le projet collaboratif ImagesByName (savoir que CiP ou IBN à divers moments).  Alors que le développement sur ces semble s'être arrêtée quelque temps, the resources them­selves are still sub­stan­tial and will be sorely missed. As I still had down­loaded cop­ies avail­able, and could­n’t find them any­where else of the net, I’ve decided to host them here so that oth­ers may con­tin­ue to enjoy the pre­vi­ous hard work inves­ted in cre­at­ing them.

Mettre à jour: TheHTPC.net is back. Hav­ing cre­ated mir­rors we’ll leave them intact, but recom­mend you head to theHTPC.net for the latest ver­sions

I don’t know if there are new­er ways of provid­ing the same func­tion­al­ity — e.g. via a plu­gin which down­loads images in real­time, but hav­ing such a large loc­ally cached resource already avail­able is well worth­while. If it proves pop­u­lar we’ll look to find a way to rein­state devel­op­ment. In the mean­time I have recom­pressed all of the PNGs with PNG­Gaunt­let, and have rezipped the archives into 7zip archives with ultra com­pres­sion to save a bit of space.

You can find links onla page vers le bas-charges to most (but not all) of the resources that used to be on TheHTPC.net as detailed below

  • Les gens vague 1
  • 3D-Box fixés capots 2.0
  • Base de studio Images originales (15-Jan-2010)
  • Rominator Logos studio 3.0
  • Chip Stu-dio Logos 1.0
  • Techols Film & TV -Ries 3.0

If you have any oth­er col­lec­tions please get in touch with links, or ideally, to pass them on so I can host them with the ones above. If you are a cre­at­or / co-cre­at­or of any of the col­lec­tions and have any issues with me provid­ing a link please get in touch — it is not my inten­tion to tread on any­one’s toes.

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