DIY وسائل الإعلام الرئيسية الشعار

الموقع النهائي لتصميم وإنشاء مسرح منزلي الخاص ومرحبا فاي الإعداد الخاصة.

0شعار ووردكود القصاصات الغنية عن الإصدار 2.x سحرها

In addi­tion to this site I have a per­son­al blog حيث, amongst oth­er things, I post recipes. I’ve recently dis­covered google’s new recipe search, and have been look­ing to imple­ment sup­port for micro­formats / البيانات الجزئية. Google provide a tool for check­ing your markup, called the “الغنية القصاصة مسموح جي اختبار أداة". When I tried val­id­at­ing one of my recipes, I encountered vari­ous errors, which have taken me a while to track down and resolve.

Each one is inde­pend­ent, but related, and in all cases the num­ber of errors you are likely to encounter depends largely on the theme you use with your blog. In my case, using the mys­tique theme, I encountered a sub­stan­tial num­ber of errors.

1. The first prob­lem was with the author inform­a­tion / hrecipe sec­tion


You need a google pro­file. Your google pro­file must be linked from some­where on the page, with rel=“me”, AND the main domain of your web­site must be lis­ted on your google pro­file links.

I achieved this with the Mys­tique theme with a series of modi­fic­a­tions.

أولا, I added the code from yoast (as shown below) to functions.php

Second, I went to my word­press pro­file page and filled in the google pro­file field with a link to my google pro­file

Third, I edited a line to author.php, مرة أخرى, based on inform­a­tion from yoast, but changed for the Mys­tique theme

in this sec­tion

add this extra line

التالى, I edited single.php to add rel=“author” to the link to my author page. In the Mys­tique theme this is found towards the bot­tom of the file, with­in the (long) خط(ق) as shown below. I have added the rel=“author” at the end of the first line before the href=” part

Then, finally add the same rel=“author” to line 670 of core.php

When this is cor­rectly imple­men­ted you should get a suc­cess mes­sage in the snip­pets test­ing tool which reads Veri­fied: Author­ship markup is cor­rect for this page

2. The second problem(ق) were with the hfeed / hentry sec­tion and included the fol­low­ing:

ملكة جمال جي المطلوبة hCard "الكاتب".
جي تحذير: يجب تعيين حقل واحد على الأقل لHcard.
جي تحذير: يجب تعيين حقل واحد على الأقل لقبعة-O-mEntry.
جي تحذير: ملكة جمال جي حقل مطلوب "دخول عنوان".
جي تحذير: ملكة جمال جي حقل مطلوب "تحديث".
جي تحذير: ملكة جمال جي المطلوبة hCard "الكاتب".


Use the word­press edit­or to edit single.php

Find the code

replace this with…

A final note — Don’t just copy and paste the code from this page, as for some reas­on (I’m guess­ing char­ac­ter encod­ing) it wont work. Copy it from here and paste into win­dows note­pad. Then re-copy it from win­dows note­pad (or any oth­er basic plain-text-only edit­or) and paste into the word­press edit­or. Going via note­pad loses any hid­den encod­ing or oth­er data which causes a prob­lem so the code is treated as the plain-text it is sup­posed to be

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