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I’ve previously detailed the code for enabling rich snippets in various wordpress themes (Таинственность 2, Таинственность 3, Тезис & Мне нравится) а также некоторые generic instructions. Below is a set of edits to enable rich snippets in the built-in wordpress twenty eleven theme.

1. Редактировать functions.php, линия 584, edit the first line of the function twentyeleven_posted_on() и изменение


2. Изменить содержимое-page.php, линия 14

add the following 2 линии

3. Make sure your author information page has a link to your google+ profile
Редактировать functions.php, at the bottom add

then go to your wordpress profile page (dashboard: Пользователи: your profile) and fill in the google profile URL раздел

4. Edit author.php to link to google profile, линия редактирования 28 (между >header> и </header>) и заменить


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Gravatar Сэм

Im working on a static website and i really didnt want to show updated by admin on my webpages. is there any way i can hide that but remove snippets error too…
i know u said its not recommended method but do u know how can i do that…. ????

Gravatar sdpate956

Привет, спасибо за код, но это не вылечить двадцать одиннадцать.

There is an incongruity in the first code substitution – the lines are identical
1. Редактировать functions.php, линия 581 редактировать первую линию функции twentyeleven_posted_on()




I am still getting the “update” field error and now it prints the author name at the top of pages and the update date on the top of posts.

Gravatar Джон Скэйф

Sorry – when I updated the post a while back I didn’t notice that the wordpress visual editor had removed all the class=”” code! Теперь должны быть зафиксированы ...

Обновить: I’ve totally rejigged how code is implemented and displayed. Hopefully this will prevent any future recurrence, and along the way I think the functionality and presentation has been improved too. Дайте мне знать, что вы думаете. 🙂

Yes – it will show the author name and the updated date on posts – this is required. Google will penalise your ranking if you try to implement snippets which tag up hidden content – their view (справедливо ИМХО) is that if you think a search engine should see that information, then it’s useful information, and therefore your visitors should see it too! You can easily apply CSS to style it and reposition it if you wish.